Today’s photographer industry is different than a few decades ago.  Once upon a time, most people considered one photographer enough for an event.  Today, however, many events have entire teams buzzing about, snapping shots left and right.  On top of that, some events take things a step farther by renting a photobooth for the event.  The pictures that come out of a photobooth are candid, unique, fun, flirty, and make for a great souvenir of a fun event.  Business can vary by season, and there is a lot to do to keep everything organized.  For the reasons, photobooth owners know that the tool to use to track it all is Photobooth Rental Service CRM Software.

Here are five tools that Photobooth Rental Service CRM Software offers today’s photobooth rental coordinator.

  1. GPS Location Capabilities – This business is a rental business. That means logistics play major a role in the customer’s satisfaction.  If the machine arrives late or to the wrong location, the customer definitely will not be a happy camper.  You could jeopardize the entire business with a few of these mistakes.  Instead, rely on Photobooth Rental Service CRM Software to give you a street view perspective of where you are heading.  If you bill for mileage, you will be glad to know that some Photobooth Rental Service CRM Software offers mileage calculators, too.  When you have this powerful technology, you can open a map and see your staff and gigs at a glance.  That’s useful!
  2. Invoices and Payment – The business of photobooth rental services can be a messy one when it comes to paperwork, if you are not organized. CRM Software can help you create estimates and invoices based on a template.  The information is all attached to the client’s profile, so you won’t lose anymore papers or waste time looking for documentation.  Payment can be received in the CRM Software.  Software integration links that data to your accounting software as well.
  3. Landing Pages – A landing page helps generate leads. A template built by the CRM Software can help you set up a webpage that collects interested client information.  With that information, you can promote and reach out to customers, converting sales along the way.
  4. Chat – Stay in touch with your employees with a chat feature. It keeps the dialogue directly in the software, helping your team stay in touch in a more professional manner.
  5. Calendar and Schedule applications – If you are finding yourself tracking all your rentals in an excel sheet or a paper calendar, you are doing it wrong. That way only works if you are the only person who needs access to the information and your notes are flawless.  If you have a team, you should be using an electronic calendar so that everybody has access to the same information.  CRM Software does THAT!

To learn more about CRM Software, contact CRM RUNNER today.  Anybody who needs Photobooth Rental Service CRM Software will enjoy a free trial period with CRM RUNNER.