A dry-cleaning delivery business has a lot to keep track of – suppliers, vendors, clients, and finances.  Not to mention the sorting, cleaning, and storing of each item they clean.  Some even offer delivery, adding another element to the mix.  The administration of this kind of business is complex, and Dry-Cleaning Delivery businesses need CRM software that can keep up.

Dry-cleaning can be an upscale market, especially for weekly clients.  A client who works in a wardrobe that often need to be dry-cleaned may require a more personal touch than the average laundry customer.  Although the idea of the old-fashioned carbon copy receipt book is charming, it is not the most efficient or advanced way to organize a business – at least not on its own.  Dry-cleaning Delivery managers need to implement a system that operates with extreme efficiency.  Apart from providing the tools a dry-clean delivery service needs for its daily operations, powerful CRM Software will improve marketing efforts as well.

CRM Software Makes for a More Efficient Business

Dry-cleaning delivery service providers thrive on efficiency.  CRM databases simplify and automate various functions of what happens in a dry-cleaning plant every day.  For example, customer contact information can be stored in a database, similar to a virtual rolodex.  When it is time to place a phone call to a customer to know his order is ready, a search by invoice number, phone number, or name pulls up the customer profile immediately.  In fact, if sending an email message or text (SMS) is better for the customer, the software allows users to do that quickly in its text editor tools.  Estimates, invoices, order forms, and contracts can all be stored electronically in CRM software.  This helps cut back on the paper trail in the office; the office will be more organized for it.  The CRM application can accept payment on open invoices, so the software functions as a sales tool as well.

CRM Software can also act as a dispatch center.  It has GPS tools to help drivers know where they are going.  If payment is to be delivered onsite, then the driver can accept payment using the mobile version of the CRM application.  GPS tools even offer street view so the driver can see where he is going before he departs.  Drivers can track miles, and GPS can be activated to see where drivers currently are.  This helps management make sure everything stays on track.  The software even works if the service operates out of several locations.

CRM Software Increases Marketing Impact

Dry-clean delivery services can be slow in certain seasons, depending on the customer population they serve.  If business runs slow, CRM software can be used to send promotions to customers.  The software can also collect leads based on those who want information after visiting the company website.  The company can call or email promotions or a newsletter to encourage new orders.  These are just two simple ideas as to how these companies can use CRM software to increase marketing efforts. CRM is useful in driving orders and converting more customers.

CRM RUNNER is a great CRM Software for Dry-Cleaning Delivery Companies.  If you own a business like this, use a free 14-day trial to see how efficient the office can be.