Today, people are more concerned than ever with keeping their cars and trucks in pristine condition.  We want our cars to sparkle inside and out, and we’re willing pay to a pretty penny to make it happen wherever we are.  Thankfully, businesses have risen to the challenge, and Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Businesses are popping up across the nation.  Such a modern convenience requires modern business administration software, like CRM RUNNER, to stay on top their game.

Perhaps one of the more daunting parts of running a mobile car wash and detailing business is keeping track of the service team from the main office.  Often the main office staff, be it a dispatch person, secretary, or owner, has access to the computer records and customer requests.  The service team member on the road relies on this person to keep everything on track for the day.  However, it is possible to empower your service team with the information they need to get the job done faster, resulting in more efficiency and a happier customer.

CRM RUNNER acts like a dispatch center for your central point person.  All orders and appointments appear in the CRM software.  Double clicking on an appointment brings up associated documents, orders, contracts, and customer contact details.  From the customer contact screen, your staff can call or email the customer with a single click.  The customer can be sent a text message (SMS) when the service member is on his way.  It works seamlessly to provide a professional and reliable service for your customers.

For the service team on the road, CRM RUNNER provides access to the tools they need to provide an excellent customer experience.  From a mobile device, they will be able to access GPS features to find the customer.  They will also be able to review his order, signed contract, and past orders.  They can collect payment and email information directly from the application as well.  All of this brings the customer a sense of reliability on the part of the mobile carwash and detailing business.

Perhaps one of the neatest features of CRM RUNNER is the capacity to build a list of clients who may become repeat customers.  To increase brand loyalty, you can create a distribution list of past customers.  Within the CRM Software, create a message inviting the customer to book another appointment, perhaps based on a seasonal promotion.  You can use the same tool to send customer service feedback requests as well.  The tool opens the lines of communication between your company and the customer, building trust and loyalty that will result in repeat business.

CRM Software is the way of the 21st century, saving time and money when it comes to business administration.  Curious about the next step?  Contract us today to give 14 Days Free Trial.