Do you still keep asking yourself if you need to purchase two separate tools? You might have then missed out on the end-to-end, all fulfilling marketing solution combined in CRMrunner.

CRMrunner is a platform that offers business marketing solutions comprehensively, from having capability to streamline and manage marketing campaigns to that of getting your return-on-investment (ROI) campaigns accurate. This is what your business needs now in this current competitive marketing setting, a phenomenon prevalent worldwide.

And in order to be able to wade through it efficiently and successfully, you need a powerful automated solution, featuring customizability option to your specific business needs.

Here is where CRMrunner stands out, once again in the crowd of so many CRM solutions, making it challenging for a business like yours to choose the right one. The result? Businesses most often don’t get expected return.

Rest assured that CRMrunner has all those fulfilling features that a business really needs to take your business marketing campaigns to the extra height of success.

Let’s check what business marketing solutions CRMrunner has in store for you.

Quick View of User Benefits:

  • Allows you to build prospect contacts
  • You can send mass email to the contact from the saved distribution lists
  • Email blast with customizable templates
  • Send SMS to connect with customers in support of your brand’s voice
  • Plan and run your multiple marketing campaigns from a single dashboard for managing the CRM campaigns
  • Collate and manage customer-prospect detailed data in a cloud database
  • Install chat feature to get new leads

Marketing basically focuses on attracting attention and creating interest. It creates a certain brand image, enhances online organic search, drives direct traffic to the business website, uses social media platform for branding, and a wide variety of other jobs. With the power of a CRM software integrated with marketing automation feature, sales and marketing teams can work as a single unit while having common goals and working on the same data. Sales will be accountable for ROI of marketing campaigns, while marketing will be accountable for sales revenue, in addition to their traditional roles.

The benefit of this combo power is you will be able to stay consistent in making communication to the customer during the marketing sales cycles. As a result, you can expect more leads and conversions, as automation will aid the sales pitch and your sales team will also know the right time to contact the lead because of web tracking.

CRM System with marketing workflow integration feature will give you real-time, updated information at your fingertips, allowing you to identify high-value leads, marketing campaigns with the highest conversion rates and many more! You can also track your team’s performance throughout the sales process.

CRMrunner aligns multiple marketing campaigns and that helps you maximize the ROI by optimizing the right campaigns and channels.

Want to see it in action?