Being a parent in the twenty-first century is anything but easy.  From becoming pregnant to raising a teenager, the questions about parenting and childcare never seem to end.  There is a lot of advice out there.  The list of those who offer advice never ends:  hospitals, doctors, schools, park districts, babysitters, childcare centers, in-laws, parents, cousins, siblings, the child itself, and so on.  Everybody has something to say about the proper way to deal with parents, babies, and small children.

For those in the business of consulting for parents, babies, and small children, CRM Software is an invaluable tool.  Here are several tools it offers to help grow the business:

  • Landing Pages and Sales Funnel Tools: In the world of consulting, an important aspect is securing leads.  A lead is somebody who might be a customer, but hasn’t decided to go ahead with your services yet.  How do you attract leads?  That’s a great question with varied answers.  One way that is popular today is the internet. If you have an attractive webpage, people can find your services on the internet.  They turn to their favorite search engine and type in keywords related to parenting, consulting, childcare advice, and so on.  Then, they find your website.  But what do they do when they get there?  If you offer them something enticing, they can enter their contact information to learn more.  When you have a nice list of leads, you can contact them using the sales funnel tools offered by CRM Software applications for those who deal with parents, babies, and small children.
  • When you have confirmed customers, how do you stay in contact? Whether by email, phone, or text message (SMS), it would be handy to have a tool that allows for mass communication.  CRM Software just does that.
  • When you have customers all over the map, it might be nice to see where they are at a glance. Map and GPS tools allow for this.  These same tools allow you to calculate mileage for appointments and to see a street view of a location before you head out.  You won’t get lost anymore!
  • Inventory control is helpful, too. If you sell products as part of your business, like childcare textbooks or breast pumps for lactation consulting, you need to know how many you have to do your business properly.  You can easily track inventory using a CRM application.
  • Chat with employees professionally using the CRM Software. Tools help optimize communication with team members.  You can chat on the go with a mobile version of the application.  You can work on a project with the project room.  You can even assign tasks using a work order system.  That’s helpful!

If you are running a business that helps parents, babies, and small children, CRM Software is the tool you need for success.  Contact CRM RUNNER for a trial run today.