Carpet dyeing is a niche industry.  You have carpet installation.  You have carpet cleaners.  You have carpet removers.  Designers, stylists, and decorators.  All of these professionals in the world of carpet sales and maintenance are in the field for their piece of the pie.  Yet, only one, the carpet dyeing professional, knows how to save a carpet from certain death.

Like our hair or our walls, a color correction (or a whole new color), can give us the facelift we need to take on every obstacle life throws at us from time to time.  In other words, if your carpet is worn and old, but you love it because it is a one-of-a-kind piece, then you perhaps need to find a carpet dyer.  This professional can more or less paint your carpet!  That is some pretty cool handy-work if you ask us.

The industry may be niche, but the software used to organize such a business doesn’t have to be overwhelming to use at all.  Carpet Dyeing CRM Software is easy to use.  The software comes with a variety of tutorials making it very user-friendly.  The design is actually rather intuitive in some platforms.  You should ask for a free trial to familiarize yourself with the ease of access.  If you have many staff members, you may benefit from setting user permissions.  This means each employee on your team only has access to the areas of the software that pertain to their job requirements.  This not only makes the software easier to learn, but also easier to manage for the administrator.

The software is fast, too.  You can take the software on the go.  It is also fairly automated.  There are many tasks right now that some businesses do by hand.  For example, handwritten receipts take up a lot of time and don’t give off a sense of professionalism.  You can use a template to generate a receipt in seconds.  You can collect payment with Carpet Dyeing CRM Software, too.  This makes the process of a transaction faster.  When you save time, you save money.  You can also GPS tools to make sure you are calculating mileage to jobsites and tracking where your employees and equipment are.

The software, besides being easy and fast, is fun, too.  It is always cool to have a new gadget.  When it comes to running a business, the feeling is even better when you know your using it to operate more efficiently. By using this software on the go, thanks to a mobile application, you can enjoy all the benefits of a world class Carpet Dyeing CRM Software from just about anywhere.

To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER for a free trial today.  We offer the best Carpet Dyeing CRM Software in town.