If you are focusing just on your paying customers and the leads which are showing some interest in your business, you have been doing it all wrong! Leads are the lifeline of any company and they are the ones who not only make your business profitable but also help you realize the efficiency of your sales process. Therefore it is very important to keep track of all your leads to get improved insights on your sales process.

So how do you keep track of all your sales leads? Read on to know the top industry practices which will help you keep a track of your leads, irrespective of the size of your organization.

Prepare an email flow

Lead nurturing is a very important step in managing the leads. Before you shoot your first introduction email, you should create the complete sequence of emails which you would send to your leads over a course of time. Just sending the offer email and a follow up mail a couple of weeks later will not cut through. With a defined email sequence, you will be able to comprehend lead response for each email and evaluate their interests as per their responses.

Create a timeline for follow-ups

Not all the leads who enter your sales funnel will exit as a successful buyer, some people need more convincing before conversion. It is therefore very important that you invest in a good CRM software which provides lead generation tools and automation. This will help you keep track of all leads in your pipeline when the number of leads increases . By scheduling follow-ups, your are ensuring that each lead will be talked through and nurtured, as you will know where exactly each prospect is and what the next step for him should be.

Follow a sensible lead cycle

Going after a complete dead end makes no sense right? Although it is important t nurture leads, you need to ensure that it should not take out kore resources than it’s worth. It is therefore very important to impose a lead cycle so that you don’t end up engaging with the same lead over and over again. Keeping the lead cycle short enough will ensure that your sales pipeline is fresh and connect you with new opportunities on a regular basis.

Keep track of the pipeline

The difference between a sales funnel and a sales pipeline is that a funnel focusses on stage by stage conversion, whereas a pipeline will indicate what is on your plate this very minute. Integrating the pipeline along with the funnel, into the process is a good idea. The pipeline helps simplify the lead nurturing process and work more efficiently.

Practice lead scoring

Leads scoring is the process of scoring leads in the order of their priority with the highest priority leads on the top. You can score the leads based on project size, urgency or availability of resources and focus more resources on the ones with higher priority. This helps you save up on time and resources and understand when it’s time to remove unresponsive leads from the pipeline.

All these practices can be done effectively and efficiently with a good CRM software. CRM Runner is an all in one CRM tool which makes lead management and nurturing a cakewalk for you. You can easily plan and schedule emails, create follow-ups and track all leads with a comprehensive sales funnel. Contact us at and start your free trial now!