Graphic Designers are a lifeblood of the public relations and marketing industry. Drawing on skills in visual arts and computer technology, graphic designers work with companies to produce art for a variety of reasons. They create webpage art, logos, videos, photos, and more. These artists pour a lot of time into their craft, but one threat to that time exists – business administration, especially to those in freelance or operating a small business. CRM Software can transform how you organize your business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software tracks lists of clients as well as other facets of a graphic design business such as quotes, contracts, mockups, invoices, and billing.

Many graphic designers work remotely with clients around the globe. This makes CRM software an even more integral part of their business strategy. Apart from tools that show your calendar, schedule, and to-do list, powerful CRM databases can streamline the customer service process as well. For example, if customers visit your website and type information into a contact field, the information automatically appears in your CRM database. CRM Software for graphic designers helps track leads and increases conversion rates.

Once customers are on the hook, sending quotes and estimates is easy for graphic designers. Graphic designers can create their own packages within the software and set prices for each offering. The software allows graphic designers to populate estimates professionally and quickly. Once created, the estimate can be sent directly to clients for review. The system attaches estimates to the client profile so all the documents stay in one place for anybody with access to review; this is especially useful for graphic designers running small companies or who have an assistant.

Apart from estimates, contracts and mockups can be saved in the CRM software thanks to document storage. This is particularly useful because all the pertinent information is saved in one place. The documents are even accessible by mobile device through CRM RUNNER’s mobile phone application. Contracts and mockups can be approved by the customer using electronic signature. This expedites your sales process and keeps all approvals in one place for easy review. Once the job is complete, the application can populate an invoice. The payment can be collected directly in the software using full software integration – your payment management software works within the database.

The beautiful part of CRM software is that all of this information can be used to create reports that drive your business strategy. Reports can show hours spent on projects or on specific clients. It can show total revenue, expenses, and other financial information. Using this information, you can be sure your graphic design business is heading in the right direction.

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