Contact drafters are really important in many fields.  They do valuable work for companies and firms.  To stay on top of all the work they have in this competitive industry, the contract drafting professional should consider using Contract Drafting & Review Service CRM Software.

CRM stands for customer relationship management.  This software helps those who write and review contracts stay on top of their business.  Here are a few useful features Contract Drafting & Review Service CRM Software provides:

Invoices:  Sending invoices while reading and writing contracts can really be a hinderance to productivity.  No matter if you have an office manager, an accounts receivable person (or department), or it’s just you on your lonesome, you know that sending invoices is an important part of all businesses.  Collecting payment is important, too!  To make life easier, Contract Drafting & Review Service CRM Software makes sending and collecting payment on invoices a snap.  The software maintains a template, using your company logo, that can be sent to your clients with ease.

Landing pages:  Even contract writers can enjoy a good loophole now and then.  Many in the industry don’t know the value of a good landing page for marketing efforts.  The landing page collects potential client information and stores it in the database so that you can reach out to potential clients.  This could definitely help increase that bottom line. If you don’t have time to create your own landing page, ask the CRM software to do it on your behalf.

GPS:  Put yourself (and your clients) on the map!  If you have your clients’ addresses, you can see their location in real time on a map.  This can be helpful in tracking where they are when making a schedule of onsite visits.  If you will be traveling to a client’s office for a meeting, use the CRM software to track mileage as well as give you a “street view” of where you are heading.  Isn’t that convenient?

Permissions:  The interesting part of running a small or medium business is that you get to a point where you don’t need everybody accessing every company document for security reasons.  In contracts, for example, perhaps you do not want your secretary to be able to send a work in progress until you have given the green light on it.  You can grant permissions to different users who log into the CRM Software.  This helps make your business more efficient.

E-sign documents:  When it comes to contracts, estimates, and agreements, electronic signature can be a dream come true.  For the contract drafter and reviewer, this is especially true!  You can email documents to clients for electronic signature.  Then, you can store those signed documents in the searchable database.  No more lost files and days spent organizing faxes and pdf attachments.

These five features show why Contract Drafting & Review Service CRM Software is so helpful.  Rely on CRM RUNNER for your contract writer CRM software needs.  Contact us today for a free trial.