Call center services are critical for customer retention. Reports suggest that dissatisfied clients go for the products of your competitor because of poor customer service. The latest advancement in call center CRM telephony and predictive analytics should be integrated with the call center CRM software to provide a hassle-free experience to the clients. It is important to remove any gaps in information between call center software and CRM.

It is important to carry out enrichment of CRM data with details from phone interactions. The teams should be able to correctly access the precise contact data through the automation of a part of the sales processes. Assist your teams to increase their sales by providing the right integration of call center software and CRM

Call Center CRM

Call center software helps in making and receiving of calls, generating IVR responses and keeping a record of the quantum of calls. Call center CRM enables you to get a holistic view of the progress of customer-related vectors. Before the customer’s call is answered you’re in a position to understand the needs of the prospective lead and provide you with the capability to offer customized and targeted service.

Benefits of Call center integrated CRM

The precise contact information can be stored. Teams will not miss out on important details about their leads. Continuous enrichment of CRM takes place with flawless information from interactions over the phone. Whole teams will be on the same wavelength and productivity factor is increased.

Task Automation

Save precious time for the team by automation of specific business tasks. No matter if a call is missed, CRM will enable the creation of a new case file with the attributes of call data and voice mail.

Top Benefits of call center CRM

Get a thorough view of the customer

Be completely aware of the customer’s interactions with your business. You will be in a comfortable position to resolve the issue of the customer

Enhanced Accountability

  • You can assign phone numbers to your team members through call center CRM.
  • Distribution and Prioritization of leads and calls can be effectively done.

Decreased turnaround time

  • You can make calls & receive calls from one interface thus streamlining the call center process.
  • The whole process is automated and by the setting of timely reminders. There is a drastic reduction of time through which you can reach the customer back.

Increased efficiency

  • A full CRM VOIP phone system enables ecosystem efficiency by decreasing manual work. The team member can put their total focus on product selling rather than conducting routine tasks.
  • Voice recording of the customer call will help in understanding the needs of the customer without follow up calls.

Decreased Costs

  • Integrating the services of SMS, chat and call forwarding into the software will lead to the gradual reduction of costs.
  • You can decrease the quantum of labor required for routine jobs.

Enhanced Customer experience

Having so much functionality in your call center CRM will pique the interest of your customers in your products and this will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction. If you are new to using this software, then you can use the Company’s 14 days free trial or check our pricing here.