Beauty and Lifestyle Services businesses hold a unique place in the market today.  These businesses help consumers maintain the kind of lifestyle they have always wanted for themselves.  The businesses in this industry help their clients in a variety of ways.

  • Beauty: In terms of beauty, some businesses offer tutorials.  These tutorials can be help clients better apply makeup and haircare techniques to make them look stunning.  For example, some businesses help clients learn to straighten their hair or apply the ever-so-coveted smokey eye with eyeshadow.
  • Lifestyle: Beyond beauty, some people are working on crafting an entire aesthetic to guide how they live their lives.  From home design to shopping for groceries, from vacations to relationships, lifestyle advice is a business all in itself.

With the advent of the internet, beauty and lifestyle service providers have moved beyond the world of in-print explanations and one-on-one consulting to creating blogs, social media profiles, and e-books.  Some of the most successful in the industry have streamlined many types of services and outreach to appeal to customers’ and audiences’ various demands and interests.  That’s what makes CRM Software for Beauty and Lifestyle Services so important.

What is CRM Software for Beauty and Lifestyle Services?

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Software is a powerful tool that can help a business stay in touch with its clients in a variety of ways.  Its main intent is to grow a business by helping manage its relationship with customers, future, present, and past.   Here is how.

  1. Finding Leads – The market can be tough to crack. There are a lot of beauty and lifestyle firms out there.  To attract clients, businesses create webpages that rank well on search engines, often known as landing pages.  These webpages call to customers by offering something in exchange for contact information.  The business can offer a consultation, follow-up, a newsletter, an estimate – your creativity is your only limit!  As people input their customer contact information, the CRM Software uploads it into a database for future follow-up.  A Sales Funnel tool help tracks leads by their interest as they inch closer and closer to becoming converted customers.
  2. Reaching Out – When you have leads, current customers, and past customers, you want to stay relevant to their lives by reaching out. Whether by email, text message (SMS) or phone, CRM software helps you connect over and over again.  This can increase sales as customers feel connected to the business, staying aware of services, products, and promotions.
  3. Collecting on Invoices – CRM Software offers tools that help you do business. For example, POS systems and inventory control tools help you stay on top of whatever it is you offer, be it consultations or eyeliner.  Invoices are created quickly using a template.  Clients can pay invoices electronically, helping keep all of your books neat and organized.

To learn more about the benefits of CRM Software for Beauty and Lifestyle Services, contact CRM RUNNER today.