B2B, as an industry, is a tough nut to crack.  Many people think of the business to customer model.  But there is a lot of money to made by selling business themselves a product.  In fact, this blog serves that purpose.  We are a business that sells CRM Software for B2B Administrative Services.  Our product, powerful, twenty-first century software that organizes a business, is not designed for the everyday consumer.  It is, instead, intended for use by businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals.  That is the true beauty of the industry:  it is different, and it’s here to serve a unique purpose

Those invested in the B2B Administrative Services may already know the benefits of CRM Software.  If not, we are here to help explain them:

  • Get more clients. Finding clients in the B2B world can be tough.  The market is smaller, more specialized, and tougher to crack, as we said.  In this case, you need a tool that helps manage that process.  A landing page can do the trick.  A landing page is a special website designed to collect the information from a contact at a business who may be interested in your product, your administrative services.  When a business says they want more information, they enter in the contact details.  You have a list of leads automatically populated by the CRM Software for B2B Administrative Services.
  • Sell! Sell! Sell! The whole point of B2B sales is to close deals.  When you have a dedicated team who closes sales, they may use a sales funnel tool (or they should be).  In this case, CRM Software can track each lead by their level of interest in the product or service.  You have a person dedicated to the introduction of the product.  That’s the first level.   You have a closer at the opposite end.  You can easily drag and drop leads as they progress through the funnel from lead to converted customer.
  • Communication is key. B2B models are built around excellent communication.  When you need to reach out to clients en masse, that’s no problem.  Choose a distribution list and a way of communicating with them.  You can send an email directly from the software.  You can send a message via SMS.  If you want to talk to them on the phone, and you have made the wise investment in VoIP (voice over internet protocol), then you can do that, too!  Make it a priority to stay in touch with your contacts, and they will make it one to keep buying from you.

B2B selling is different.  When you are a firm that offers administrative services to these companies, there is a lot to do to keep everything running smoothly.  One tool that helps is CRM Software for B2B Administrative Services.

Contact CRM RUNNER to learn more.  It will be a call you won’t regret!  We offer a free trial!