The different options in payments help the businesses and consumers to send and receive payments instantly without any hassle. Most of the companies like to go with the payment options that have low overhead charges. One such payment form is ACH or Automated Clearing House. This electronic fund transfer system is replacing the paper cheques. This mode can be used for clearing the payroll or giving recurring payments to service providers. You can even use the ACH CRM Software for seamlessly integrating the Pont of Sales payments, P2P, and B2B payments. Let us now see some of the benefits of ACH payments:

Experience Safety And Increased Efficiency

The transactions are safe and can be completed quickly because they are carried electronically. There is no loss of cheques or laxity of the funds. With ACH CRM Software, the business owners get instant confirmation of the transactions. Here, the use of Tokenization provides another layer of safety and protection against any leakage of the information.

Convenient For Business Customers

The use of ACH software seamlessly integrates the payment information relative to the customers. This way receiving the payment from them becomes more comfortable. Moreover, it can incorporate payment modes like online transfers through Debit and Credit cards. In just one click, your customers can transfer the payment for the services rendered to them. The service providers will not have to wait for a longer time.

Low Transaction Fees

Another benefit of using ACH payment software is that there is a lower transaction fee as compared to other modes of payment. Unlike for traditional cheques, credit cards or debit cards you have to pay the transaction fee reaching from 1% to 3% approximately. Whereas, under the ACH payment system, it is as low 0.60 per transaction as it carries out payment in batch processing.

Quick Payment Processing

Under ACH mode, the payment is transferred from one bank account to another, so there is a minimum time gap involved and lesser fee. Even the service providers can receive payments within a few hours and can revert the progress to the consumers. The faster processing of payment is just one business day.

To conclude, ACH CRM Software is the need of an hour for the small as well as big businesses as it can accomplish the transaction within lesser time and with a low transaction fee. You can try this software by CRM Runner at reasonable pricing.