CRM is a great tool for marketers to drive agility of lead management. It is the sales team that suffers the worst lest the leads they receive from their marketing counterpart should lead them anywhere.

With 2021 started, marketers need to look for smarter ways to generate leads through their CRM. It’s unanimously agreed that leads have a high potential to convert. Once the right CRM system is implemented, be sure that your business is on a roll.

Let us explore the following ways CRM is going to change the lead generation.

#1: CRM and Marketing Automation

CRM and marketing automation offers solutions to collect leads from marketing campaigns. If lead data collection is automated with the marketing automation feature, it will streamline and manage campaigns, and get ROI campaigns accurate! It will also help you with the power to generate quality leads. Most leading CRM systems like CRM Runner are enabled to facilitate the processes like lead management and lead tracking. Plus, the email marketing feature in the CRM system is a great help to improve lead outreach along with lead conversion.

#2: CRM and Chat Integration

Real-time chat service is a customer service that is bringing a paradigm shift across the business management platform. Your visitors can be the potential leads if they receive instantaneous answers and solutions they are looking for from you. Chat solution integration has a superhuman ability, assisting marketers to understand and find new leads and convert them.

#3: CRM and GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a revolutionary marketing solution. It can help you improve sales performance of your sales team. A great real-time team collaboration, communication, lead screening, mapping, lead nurturing, and real-time updates of all team members in a single platform is facilitated. GPS tracking solution in CRM Runner gives you a real-time movement map of every single sales representative deployed on the field and provides your customers with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will only be billed for actual hours spent on-site.

To Conclude:

Actually, there is no point in making a conclusion when all business benefits achievable from a CRM integration to its processes are taken into account. In nutshell, it can be said that a CRM system can help you generate leads that can go a long way and this year ahead would keep those businesses ahead of competition that can take the smarter marketing approach.

CRM Runner is designed to give all those leverages that forward-looking businesses would want to stay two-step ahead competitive.

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