Whether you are a CEO, manager, marketing director or anything, you probably have gone through a lot of meetings on how you can manage your customers, leads, contacts,and opportunities. With the passage of time, CRM term in businesses becoming so popular to manage everything. Even if you have never used CRM software before, you have certainly heard it from others. Now, many companies are integrating CRM software as it saves time and even, drives sales. To know everything about CRM and social media integration CRM software, continue reading this post.

What is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is any strategy, process or software that aids businesses better access and organize customer data. In other words, it is a comprehensive approach to organize a company’s interaction with potential and current customers. CRM relies on data analysis about the history of customers with a company to enhance business relationships with potential customers, particularly giving focus on customer retention and finally, to drive sales growth.

With the help of CRM approach and software, businesses can learn about their potential or target audience and ultimately, how to serve their requirements. The primary purpose of the CRM approach is to automate and integrate sales, customer support,and marketing.

Now, what is Social CRM?

Social CRM means any CRM software with the integration of social media features. In other words, it is the integration of social media networks into a CRM platform. So, it means social CRM is all about combining the abilities of social media management with conventional customer relationship management software to aid business better manage their customers.

Initially, businesses organize customer interactions with predetermined channels and that’s why technologies and methods of CRM software have been enough. However, the presence of social media has changed the whole structure, and it has provided customers a new power. Many businesses have noticed this big change, and most business already has adopted own strategies of social media.

On the other side, social CRM is a strategy that doesn’t mean all about having a presence on social networks, but it is a complete fusion of marketing, sales, and service. It is all about bringing businesses to their target customers.

Why Businesses Should Integrate CRM into their Social Media Approach?

In bygone days, it is a really big headache to call customer service. But, now things are changed and all thanks go to the new networks of communication, like messenger, and chatbots. These help business, especially small business to satisfy and retain their customers.

There is no doubt that social media has become a vital part of every person live. Many people spend their spare time on social networks to communicate with others or to know the latest news. Businesses that are not having a social media presence are missing an opportunity of developing long-term relationships with their current and target customers.

Businesses can use CRM software to empower their customer relationships.  By social media integration CRM software, they can maintain reliable brand voice across various networks, solve customer complaints, market share, brand value and enhance revenue.

A Chance to Attract New Leads

Social media campaigns along with attractive videos and images are becoming the newest marketing approach to attract new customers. In general, there are two main things concerns in social media campaign success. First one is to identify the perfect time for customers to get social media notifications and the second one is how to attract social campaigns for a specific customers group.

Amazingly, customer relationship management or CRM is the ultimate solution to achieve goals of the social media campaign. Businesses can use a CRM approach to recognize ideal customer timings for delivering messages and attracting target customer groups as per past interactions, patterns of customer behavior, and much more. The CRM approach aids to drive new lead information or details about new customers or clients within the application.

A Big Change in Customer Service

In the past, customers have to wait for such a long time to communicate with a live person. That’s why customers avoid interacting with customer service. With the adoption of customer relationship management approach change the whole picture of customer service.

Once businesses let their clients contact their businesses via social media networks, they can record or track their customer social conversations, and complaints or issues with the company are stored within the CRM software. By all this, it makes easy for businesses to gain fast access to their customer complaints, and resolve their issues on the right away. In this way, it leaves space for enhanced customer experiences.

Social CRM is a mixture of sentimental and customer insights collected from various social communities. For instance, customer dislikes or likes of your company service or product, review about a service or product. By storing customer social communications in the CRM system, your business will be surely better able to communicate with customers and enhance relationships.

CRMRunner: Ultimate Way to Integrate Your Social Media Strategy into CRM System

CRMRunner is designed to be top of the line CRM software in the industry. It is truly reliable and smart CRM software to manage your business anywhere and anytime in an unstoppable manner. Now, there is no need forpaperwork, and manage every business task in a better way. Social media management, sales, and campaign all are integrated into CRMRunner small window to enhance operational efficiency. Tracking customer’s communication on social media platforms has never been so easy before CRMRunner. Truly, sale and client interaction tracking is fast, easy and simple when you are using this CRM software for your business.

In addition to it, the software let you view, assign and manage information about employees, their status, and even, payment details. When it comes to buying CRM software, you should select a company that provides a free trial. When you use a product before you purchase it, you get to know whether it is really worth to have it or not.

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