Social Media Managers find themselves in a strange spot in today’s world.  Too many social media managers are underpaid as full-time employees, so they venture out on their own as independent contractors.  Some are so inspired that they start their own firm or agency.  The move out is a fun one for most who enjoy the freedom of being their own boss.  For anybody involved in social media management, though, one thing remains true.  The best in the business love their CRM Software for Social Media Managers.  Here are four reasons why:

  1. Social media managers need constant access to their clients.  They do not live in a vacuum.  Of course, some clients are fairly hands-off.  They expect the same posts and feedback week to week, month to month, year to year.  Other clients, however, need constant grooming and handholding.  These clients require consistent contact.  No matter what the communication style between the social media manager and his client is, one thing is for sure – easy access to contact information is essential.  Whether discussing brand, voice, social media posts, or billing, CRM Software for Social Media Managers has all the information you need stored in one convenient, secure location – even on the go.
  2. On-The-Go Availability. Another reason CRM Software for Social Media Managers is such a big hit in the industry is that CRM Platforms go where the managers go.  These databases can “live on the internet,” meaning that if you have an internet connection, you have your CRM database.  Mobile applications mean that you can run your business from anywhere using a mobile device.  That’s why many social media managers got into the business in the first place – they want the freedom to roam.
  3. Document Management. Many tools make CRM Software for Social Media Managers a useful investment.  One of the top-rated tools is document storage.  The documents you create can be stored in the database for easy access.  They can be sent quickly to clients for approval, taking full advantage of the e-signature tools that CRM application offer.  You can even let other users access the documents.  If you are worried about having “too many hands in the pot,” you can limit access using user permissions as well.
  4. Get your Money Right. Quotations, expenses, and invoice collection is not what drove social media managers to get involved in the field.  In fact, many say it is their least favorite part of their business.  They came for the social media, not to be bookkeepers.  CRM Software for Social Media Managers makes the payment process easy thanks to template and full software integration.

Social media managers can take on a lot of roles, especially if they are running their own business.  The tool that makes it all easier is CRM Software for Social Media Managers.  To learn more about the options available for today’s social media mongrel, contact CRM RUNNER now.