Nutrition consultants know about creating a diet to improve the physiology and wellbeing of a human being.  They teach clients about better eating habits for better health.  They also consider individual habits and biology to ensure a meal plan will work for their clients.  People employ nutritional consultants for a variety of reasons ranging from weight loss and weight gain to medical needs and wanting to increase their energy levels.

Nutrition consultants find themselves working in a variety of locations: hospitals, schools, and public health departments.  However, some have ventured into the entrepreneur world as well, owning and operating their own business.  For this type of nutritional consultant in particular, CRM Software can be especially valuable.

CRM Software for Nutritional Consultants can help facilitate the following tasks:

Tracking current health histories and eating habits of clients:  The successful consultant will have a large number of clients to track.  CRM technology allows the consultant to create client profiles in a database that is accessible via computer and mobile device.  In the CRM software, the consultant can take and maintain notes relating to the health, success, and mishaps of clients.  This is useful as diet plans can be reviewed and revised over time.

Educating clients about specific diet plans:  Once clients are in the CRM system, consultants can reach out to them directly and in bulk.  This makes information sharing easier.  If the consultant wants to send all current clients an article about a specific diet trend, all the consultant has to do is enter the email editor application and choose a distribution list.

Staying in touch with potential clients:  Often, nutritional consultants are invited to attend school and community events to promote healthy eating.  At these events, interested parties share contact information, hoping for a newsletter or to make an appointment with the consultant in the near future.  CRM technology allows consultants to enter these new leads into the CRM database.  Once they are entered, consultants can assign a team member to follow-up.  If the software is linked to a phone line via VoIP integration, leads can be contacted by phone in one click.  Email and text (SMS) messages can also be sent to leads in bulk.

Organize schedules:  Busy nutritional consultants need to stay on top of their packed schedules.  Between appointments, site visits, and events, there is a lot to manage.  CRM software often includes calendar tools.  An at-a-glance overview of a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule keeps consultants organized.  Double clicking on a meeting should reveal the client details.  If there are changes to be made to the schedule, blocks can be easily updated using drag-and-drop capabilities.

The career of a nutritional consultant is a rewarding, but busy.  To stay organized, nutritional consultants should highly consider utilizing CRM Software.  CRM RUNNER works very well for the needs of nutritional consultants because it is customizable.  To give it a trial run, contact us today.