More people have started taking advantage of errand running services.  For those who are interested in breaking into this growing industry, there are several steps to take to run a successful business, all of which are made easier by using CRM Software.

In order to grow the errand running business, it is advised to use some type of CRM software to keep track of clients.  Business owners are likewise encouraged to use their computer and printer to make professional invoices.  For marketing, errand runners should send fliers and brochures to current customers, offering special deals or promotions.  A key to success is offering business to existing customers.  All of these tips are simplified by selecting a CRM Software for Errand Runners.

CRM software keeps track of leads and clients.  A database specifically designed with the goal of increasing conversion, CRM software gives errand runner businesses an on-going list of interested, current, and past clients.  This is a very useful tool.  Landing pages gather the contact information of potential customers.  Errand runners can reach out to these customers to explain how the process of errand running works and possibly invite them to try out the business, maybe even at a discounted rate.  It is possible to build stronger relationships with current customers as well.  The software lets users review client profiles, showing contact information, past orders, notes, and birthdays.  By using notes to customize each client’s experience, the business can build stronger relationships.  Some errand runners recommending sending a birthday message to customers so that they know the business thought of them on their special day.

Another benefit of CRM software is the easy generation of estimates and invoices.  Errand runners can set up an invoice template as well as various packages and fees within the CRM application.  Even mileage can be computed within many programs.  Once the invoice is created and attached to the client profile, it can be sent by email or by regular mail.  Customers can pay online or in person.  If customers pay outside of the office, perhaps at drop off, employees can accept payment on the mobile version of the CRM software as well.  All invoices are accessible for quick review, and reports can be printed showing which invoices remain open.  Using the software as opposed to receipt books or excel sheets ensures a professional presentation and easy-to-navigate organization.

CRM software for errand running business assists in marketing efforts as well.  Sales Funnel tools show where a potential client is in the process of becoming a customer.  Distribution lists can be used to send email promotions and reminders.  Marketing managers can send messages by text (SMS) or use one-click dialing to follow up by phone if VoIP integration is added.  Many errand runners find continued success in promoting their services to past customers. As customers find out how easy it is to rely on errand runners, only a quick reminder of the services will send them thinking about what next task they can delegate to the errand running business.

Errand runners need to take advantage of the power of CRM Software.  To start our 14 days free trial with CRM RUNNER, contact us today.  You won’t regret it!