Content writing is a boom business.  It is definitely a kind of modern-day gold rush.  Everybody and their mothers are thinking of copywriting and content writing because it is a fun, convenient, work-at-home gig.  Not everybody can hack it, though.  There are certain qualities that a content writer needs to be successful.

You might be surprised that being a great writer is not one of those traits, though.  It certainly helps, but when it comes to content writing, a successful writer’s most valuable characteristic is being organized.  There are plenty of companies out there that don’t really pay attention to brilliant copy – they just need content.  In today’s internet-crazed world, content truly is king.  What these companies need is someone who is reliable, somebody who is organized.

To get by in this competitive industry, content writers need CRM Software for Content Writers. This kind of software offers three easy-to-use tools for marketing.

Customer Management.  You would be surprised by how many people need quality content these days.  However, a lot of the coordinators responsible for acquiring this work are disorganized.  They reach out once for a quotation or to get a proposal, and they fall off the radar.  Stay in contact with these companies by organizing the communication you have with them.  The first step to this is obtaining CRM Software for Content Writers.  As you make relationships, you can add the client contact information to your database.  Then, when it is time to follow up, you have the information in your system.

Landing Pages.  A landing page on the internet streamlines the process of finding new clients.  This helpful tool works 24/7, even while you sleep.  When a customer is interested in obtaining more information about your content writing services, he enters his information onto a landing page.  Voila! That information imports itself into your database for easy follow up.

Sales Funnel Tool. Another marketing and sales tool that CRM Software for Content Writers offers is the sales funnel tool.  This sale funnels tool organizes potential and interested clients as they become closer and closer to signing an agreement.  For firms with a dedicated sales team, this tool is very helpful.  Contact can be assigned to the most apt team member.  All notes are updated in real time within the system.  No more missing out on client work because of crossed connections.

When it comes to content writing, professionally speaking, maintaining customer relationships is very important. CRM Software for Content Writers can help organize the backend of the business so that client relationships are never strained.  As new clients filter in through the system, the business grows naturally.

To learn more about the success of CRM Software for Content Writers, contact the team at CRM RUNNER today.  We are here to help this growing industry.