Four CRM RUNNER tools to make managing business tasks easier.

In any business, our to-do lists grow incessantly.  Between contacting customers, updating projects, maintaining inventory, marketing, sales, and finances, it is often hard to find time to get everything done, let alone breathe.  Automating and streamlining these processes gives business teams the opportunity to work more productively, ultimately closing more deals at the end of the day.

CRM technology provides many solutions to make accomplishing your to-do list easier than ever.


  • Task Assignments: Use CRM RUNNER to import your employees and team members.  Then, assign tasks to them using the software.  This provides documentation of all assigned tasks as well as a space to store details and schematics.  Task progress can be updated throughout the process, so everybody is in the loop.  Tasks assigned with specifics and deadlines are more likely to be completed as expected, and organizing them within CRM RUNNER helps ensure this is the case.


  • Projects: Projects really consist of many tasks.  CRM RUNNER allows business leaders to group tasks within a single project and assign not only to individuals, but also an entire team.  By setting specific user permissions, leaders can also control who has access to what information.  For example, contractors might be able to access expenses and inventory but not customer details.  Internal employees will have more access to get their particular tasks completed in a timely fashion.


  • Plan Room: CRM RUNNER offers a specific module to manage these tasks and projects, Plan Room.  Within the Plan Room, task and project assignments are supplemented with important documents such as product specifications, timelines, and customer requests.  These resources will be available to everyone who has the software.  With the mobile application, these documents can even be reviewed on the road using a mobile device.


  • Widgets: Several widgets and tools within the software help keep your daily tasks on target.  The application shows a to-do list on the homescreen, giving a run down of the tasks to accomplish in the near future.  The calendar and scheduler tools utilize drag-and-drop technology to easily review and change your agenda as your accomplish tasks.  These tools interact with other components of the software so that everything remains up-to-date and in one place.

CRM RUNNER is powerful software that makes keeping track of your daily activities simple.  As your team progresses, updates are made and questions resolved.  Tasks can even be tracked as expenses for payroll and invoicing purposes.  This ultimate rule of efficiency means a better service provided to your customers, every time.

If you are new to using this software, then you can use our 14 days free trial or check our pricing here.