CRM Software never cracks like a windshield does.  It is even stronger and more reliable than tempered glass.  That’s why people love it.

Windshield repair professionals are the unsung heroes of the car repair industry.  People swear by their mechanics.  Some head to local garages or an uncle who knows cars.  Others only go the dealer.  But when a windshield breaks, who do these people go see?  A windshield repair professional.  Some are helpful they are mobile.  They come to the car owner’s residence (or place of business) and swap out that damaged piece of glass for a fresh one right on the spot.  That is a convenience few other professionals or industries offer, and boy do the customers love it.

Yet, a question lingers:  How does a windshield repair company stay organized?  The fact of the matter is this:  They would find their organization a lot easier if they relied on CRM Software.  CRM stands for customer relationship management.  The software is powerful and offers many features that organizes a business.  Here are five features every windshield repair company should be using.

  1. Launch pages. We love in the information age.  People cannot help themselves but to use the internet to solve just about every problem they have.  They open a web browser, find a search engine, and type in: Windshield repair.  Where do you land on those search results?  Hopefully high because people are lazy and usually click on a page in the first ten results.  CRM Software can generate a well-ranked launch page to collect interested customer information.
  2. Stop generating invoices in templates you found on the internet.  It takes more work than letting the computer system track invoices for you.  As a plus, people can pay their invoices online or on the road.
  3. You need to know where you are going when you run a mobile business.  For example, Windshield Repair Company CRM Software can tell you where the client is and where your employees are.  That means less confusion and communication issues.
  4. Contracts with Electronic Signature. Got a pen?  Don’t worry about that when you use electronic signature.  No more busted pens, wet documents, or lost paperwork.  Instead, everything is signed and stored safely in the Windshield Repair Company CRM Software.
  5. Text Message Capacity. Some software, including CRM RUNNER, offers the ability to send text messages to clients and employees.  This is great news for companies that want to alert their customer of the status of their repair person.  In other words, your customers can easily receive a text that states help is on the way.  Improved customer communication means happy clients, more reviews, and better business.

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