Imagine a situation as you are faced with challenges across your organization. We are constantly expected to do more with less, have ready information and answers when our prospects or customers or clients make requests, regardless of who they asked, enlist our team members for assistance to help build a proposal, provide account management and relationship services, and top of all, provide exemplary customer service.

One thing is clear, there are a plethora of works and you have to respond to them efficiently, in a manner that demonstrates competency and builds trust with every interaction. But did you know that recent studies have identified up to 40% of workers’ productivity due to switching between tasks/systems and engaging in “manual” follow up to understand status/provide updates?

The organizations that are implementing digital transformation, namely CRM Software, can drive up to 10% more operating income than peers that have not made the change!

By implementing a robust CRM Software like CRM Runner, businesses can quadruple their revenue and expedite their field service and office management four times more.

How? That the businesses face the challenges of tracking leads, task scheduling, monitoring, and other day-to-day activities like inventory management, payment integration, managing sales performance and marketing activities is understandable. But if they are not implementing tools to manage them when these CRM tools are available at affordable prices, it is their folly and does never make sense in this new age.

See for example the GPS tracking feature in the best CRM Software CRM Runner. This feature allows the users of CRM Runner to track their sales representatives, and field technicians in real-time. They can calculate members driving distances covered, routes, and get reports, navigate to their customers, track tasks and assign routes. Users can also access all their leads, deals and distributors on the map with a single click.

CRM Runner CRM software comes with the GPS Tracking features to give you a real-time movement map of every single sales representative deployed on the field. That is a new-age business management convenience you can leverage by using a robust CRM software CRM Runner.

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