CRM Software for Residential Lighting Companies is a valuable tool that is helping companies come out of the dark and into the light when it comes to running a sustainable and successful business.

We forget that electric lights are an invention brought to mankind only in the past two hundred years.  Humans used to just sleep when it got dark.  They maybe got lucky if the moon was full.  Then, there was fire, candles, burning oil, gas lanterns… then the tungsten lightbulb.  Today, people are using fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and other advancing technologies.  With so much growth, what else is advancing in the field of lighting for residences?

Design is one thing.  The lights that people adored in the 1920s are different from the installations used in the 1970s, which are quite different than what is popular today.  Similarly, business practices have changed, too.  What is keeping the lights on at the lighting business across the globe?  Electricity, sure.  But more than that, people are making more money by using CRM Software for Residential Lighting Companies. 

  • CRM Software for Residential Lighting Companies provides a way to generate more leads, stay in contact with those leads, and close the sale. If your company has a landing a page, and it should, then it should be easy to find customers.  All a potential client has to do is type in some kind of keyword phrase like “have lights installed near me in Miami Lakes.”    The search engine gets to work, pushes the lead to your business webpage where they are promptly presented with a question:  Do you need an estimate?  Just enter your email address and/or phone number, and an estimate will be sent your way at the speed of light (almost).  This is how you get customers on the line.  But, where does that form information go?  To the CRM Software for Residential Lighting Companies of your choice.
  • From there, you can use CRM Software for Residential Lighting Companies to open a sales funnel tool. This tool allows you to sort through leads, edging them closer and closer to a done deal.  If you have a dedicated sales team, or you are the dedicated sales team, this tool is valuable!  You can see how close each lead is to a closed deal.  You can double click on their name and have them on the line in just a moment using VoIP (voice over internet protocol).  That sure beats waiting for the customer to drop by, sending a homing pigeon, or getting the information across with a telegraph.  Modern times are fantastic.
  • Much can be automated when lighting companies use CRM Software applications. Estimates, invoices, financial reports, GPS, mileage calculators, payroll, calendars, to-do lists, and more are built right into the system.

Has the lightbulb gone off?  You know what you need: CRM Software for Residential Lighting Companies.

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