Looking for customer relationship management (CRM) software that can help you manage the payroll?

By leveraging a single application, you can do it while saving cost for training and license. A robust CRM system, CRM Runner, can match your requirements on both the CRM and payroll sides.

CRM Runner is the ultimate payroll CRM platform for your organization to build better relationships, save valuable time, and close more payroll and HR deals. This CRM software is designed to help you structure employees data in a structured way, manage pay structures, payroll information and generate payslips, among others.

Let’s see how CRM Runner can help you manage payroll easily.

HR Workflow Simplified: You can manage employee attendance, calculate leaves, process salary, with just a few clicks while using the time clock and timesheet.

Better HR Management: You can view employee log-in and log-out times easily by using the CRM Runner database as a time clock.

Team Tracking Easier: Your company’s HR managers can review in and out time of your employees and keep a track of teams and even individual employees.

Remote Monitoring of Employees: HR managers can monitor movement of employees who are on the field and track their location and route, by leveraging GPS tracking feature in CRM System, thus minimizing wastage of office hours.

You can easily manage and monitor work hours of your employees and add the details to customer invoices. Tracking of employees can easily be done and the report will have direct reflection in payroll by leveraging CRMrunner software, designed to save you time and money, simplify the payroll process, and deliver better control of your business.

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