Admittedly, leads are the lifeblood of any business, no matter how big or small. Leads are potential customers that have an interest in your solutions to their problems but have not made a purchase yet.

Any business that starts up begins with a handful of leads. As it begins to grow and scale, the sales team begins to receive more leads than they can handle. Managing leads manually thereafter becomes hard for the sales team. Your team can then no longer manage leads properly and equally in terms of giving them the attention they need and things begin to fall through the cracks.

Modern-day lead management model is automated, geared with the processes of capturing leads, tracking their activities and behavior, and qualifying and engaging with them until they are ready to be passed on to quota-carrying sales executives.

If this sounds simple, you are mistaken. In truth, lead management is complex, especially when the numbers of leads are high. For example, the sources of leads could be numerous, such as websites, ads, cold calls and emails, events, etc. So, imagine when lead generation spans across multiple sources and channels, it’s imperative for business owners to have an effective system to manage leads. No, I am not talking about spreadsheets or simple contact databases. If you utilize them to manage leads, be ready to go through challenges, and often end up missing out on opportunities.

Implement CRM System CRM Runner to centralize processes of managing lead information, scoring leads, maintaining communication, and even nurturing them continually.

How can a CRM Runner help you manage your leads?

  • Track sales activity across your whole team
  • You can now search as well import options from a dedicated leads screen
  • Getting detailed reports on sales funnel status by using filters has never been so easy
  • Contact information can be reviewed at a glance and edited without any hassle
  • You can now easily schedule calls for potential leads
  • A detailed comparative study of referral advertising vs ROI is easily available
  • It also helps in maintaining precise data by adding new potential leads and deleting older leads
  • It can also help in maintaining notes about individual contacts
  • You can now easily generate invoices and make estimates to reduce the hassle of paperwork process
  • Lead statuses can be automatically updated in the system for future reference
  • Close more leads by successfully moving into the sales funnel

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