Most lactation consultants understand the value of an up-to-date inventory.  Whereas some prefer to use old-fashioned methods, those in the modern age prefer using CRM Software for Lactation Consultants.

Inventory control is a key part of the lactation consultant industry as professionals and clients alike find themselves frustrated when an item is out of stock.  Lactation consults purchase equipment from guidebooks to breast pumps in bulk.  However, if a visit requires equipment that is not available, it can spell disaster for the mother in need.

Keep accurate inventory to avoid letting clients down.

The notebook method might work for very small businesses run by one person with just a few clients.  Yet, mathematical errors, lack up updating, or the loss of the notebook can lead to many problems down the road.

Some lactation experts use spreadsheets but these lists are not updated in real-time as a database is.  For this reason, CRM Software is recommended for lactation consultants.

CRM technology helps keep an inventory in a database.

  1. The database prints reports that indicate which items are in high demand based on recent sales. Client service will benefit as consultants will be able to confirm a product is in stock before suggesting it to their clients. More importantly, sold inventory is easily attached to a customer profile for an easy way to create and send invoices.  If a client has any concern about her order, the consultant will be able to find order and product to fix the situation with greater speed.
  2. Professionals can also set alerts. High or low inventory can demonstrate a need for a new strategy.  Low inventory means a new order is needed in the near future.  High inventory may show that the unit is not well-utilized or overpriced.   CRM technology gives lactations consultants the power to set parameters that issue notifications for these occurrences so that consultants can act appropriately.
  3. The inventory management module in CRM Software for Lactation Consultants can be easily combined with different parts of your business to increase services. It will benefit managers to take advantage of this tool so that product never goes wasted.

Building successful relationships with new parents is an important part of any birth-related business, and having proper inventory allows consultants to build a professional image.  The CRM applications for lactation consultants also allows professionals to make well-informed business decisions based on past and predicted operations.

For the busy lactation consultant, CRM software can add an element of professionalism to the business.  Beyond inventory management, this technology provides calendar functions, customer tracking, and the capacity to automate invoices.  To learn more, contact CRM RUNNER today.