1. Ignoring the Welcome email

You have a stunning website with an email subscription and people are signing up to know  more about your offering. It is really exciting to see the subscriber’s list increasing. But what next? Are you just storing their details to send them a discount coupon or a newsletter afterwards? As per research, welcome emails have the highest open rate than any other email category. So you are making a big mistake by skipping the greetings. Welcome emails also generate a whopping 325% more revenue than any other marketing message. So make sure to include this mail as the first step of your drip campaign.

  1. Mail sent from DoNotReply@ email address

These email addresses are the least impressive ones as they are unwelcoming. The sender name is the most important factor which will decide if the user opens the email. Always ensure you send emails from addresses where customers can reply back to. The email should also contain your support phone numbers and links to social channels. You should make communication as easy as possible.

  1. Not knowing how to use a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action can be like a double edged sword. You should know how exactly to use them. Not including any, in the email will not serve any purpose, whereas including too many in a single email will also hurt the conversion rates. If you just send a greetings mail to remind the customer of your business, it will not add ant value to them. A call-to-action is very important to engage customers and increase the likelihood for a possible transaction. However, going overboard and adding too many CTAs can confuse the customer. CTAs like “Shop Now”, “Sign up for our event”, “Share on Facebook”, “Refer to a Friend” are great ones if sent individually, however sending them together can cause the user not to take any action at all! Your CTA should always align with the message in the email.

  1. Ignoring mobile users

It’s the world of smartphones and ignoring this segment while sending email campaigns will be a big mistake. Creating your email campaigns on laptops and desktops are easy, but you need to ensure how they will look on mobile devices, before you hit that “Send” button. You need to ensure that your email marketing crm software offers mobile optimized emails. The best way to test this is to send an email to yourself.

  1. Campaigns without segmentation

You have a huge subscribers list which you are very proud of. Every time you design an email campaign, you blast the same email to everyone. You are doing it wrong! Your subscribers list will have users of different age groups, gender and preferences. It will have a 25 year old female as well as a 40 year old mail. Sending them same emails does not make much sense, does it? Some users might only be interested in discounts and coupons whereas other might be more interested in newsletters. This might be one of the reasons your subscribers are unsubscribing, you are sending the wrong message. Some of the most important categories are:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Browsing behavior
  • Previous purchases

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