Paper everywhere and schedules posted all over the wall – such is the life of Doula or Birth Coach who need CRM Software.  Today, many doulas and birth coaches feel disorganized while staying in contact with clients.  Using notes, spreadsheets, emails, and endless text messages to communicate with clients leaves the modern-day professional feeling a bit all over the place as notes gets lost in various places until it becomes impossible to recognize.  With so much at stake, there is no falling behind.

CRM Software for Doula and Birth Coaches can help keep everything moving smoothly.  Here are four ways CRM Software for Doulas can help professionals get back on track.

  1. Set clear objectives. Before embarking upon a reorganization journey, it is important to stock of what the modern doula needs. CRM Software can provide assistance in creating invoices, tracking payments, and scheduling appointments.
  2. Determine how clients will interact with CRM software. There are some changes that can come with how doulas interact with their clients after using a CRM application. For example, new clients can be tracked online and then contacted quickly using the CRM database.  Schedules can be maintained in the same software.
  3. Have a plan for prioritization. Make a list of goals for the business.  What is most important?  It may be scheduling clients.  It may be attracting new clients.  It may be automating follow-up or payment collection.  Whatever the need is, customizable CRM software means that can be implemented first.
  4. Complete a weekly check-in. Doulas and birth coaches have constantly changing schedules.  CRM software helps manage these schedules by associating contact information with the contact information of each client available in a single click.  GPS locations are available in the software, so professionals can always be sure they know where they are going before heading to appointments.  Updating and maintaining CRM software is easy and can be done from anywhere thanks to a mobile application that takes the power of the digital office on the go.

CRM Software eliminates the difficulty of task management functions, giving professionals the power to appointments and client acquisition with real-time notifications.  With CRM software, entrepreneurs can keep track of tasks, clients, and vendors.  As efficiency improves, there is less time spent sorting through notes and making phone calls to clients to complete schedules and follow-up.  Calendars and contact can be automated, leaving doulas and birth coaches more time do what they love – helping their clients.

Doulas and birth coaches can take their organization further with the capability to receive real-time notifications by using CRM Software like CRM RUNNER.  As scheduling becomes an easier process, customer satisfaction will of course increase.  Happy clients mean a happy doula!