Event Catering Services CRM Software is revolutionizing the event catering services industry.  This industry has its ups and downs in terms of waves of demand, and one way to overcome this obstacle is to invest in CRM Software.  It helps during the slow periods, when business owners focus on growing their markets, organizing their finances and logistics, and obtaining new clients.  It also manages boom periods when event caterers are so busy it seems like potatoes are coming out of the ears!  When their phone is ringing off the hook, the orders don’t stop coming in.  That’s when event catering service company managers and owners are happy that they opted to invest in Event Catering Services CRM Software.

Here are three reasons why Event Catering Services CRM Software is so popular in the industry:

  1. Finding New Clients. Sometimes business is good. There is little worry from where the next client will come because the business seems endless.  Then, all of the sudden, thing dry up.  There seem to be less parties, less events, less holidays.  When business is slow, you have to consider what you can do restore that steady stream of clients.  This can be a really great time to cash out on your CRM Software.  For example, if you need to obtain new clients, you can take advantage of a landing page template that helps you put your business online in a way that collects interested customer information, importing it into a database.  That database can be used to contact potential customers, or leads, converting them into paying customers.  If you have a list of past customers, why not see what they are up to these days?  After all, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  Now is the time to manage those relationships with your customers!  Send an email or give a quick phone call to ask how they are and if any events will be coming up.  It’s a great way to beat out the competition.
  2. Document storage. Contracts, menus, vendor agreements.    There is a lot more paperwork involved in running an event catering services business than one might think.  Event Catering Services CRM Software helps keep it all organized.  The best part is that every document stored to the database is accessible to whomever you grant permissions, wherever there is an internet connection.  Since event caterers often find themselves doing business on site, it is helpful to know that all the documents are accessible via a mobile device connected to the internet.
  3. If you have employees on payroll, your CRM Software can act as a timeclock.  That makes payroll a snap.  Templates within the software make creating estimates, quotations, and invoices a lot easier.  Payment can be collected in the application, linking automatically to your accounting software thanks to software integration.

With these solutions and more (web chat, GPS capabilities, calendars, to-do lists, and beyond), your catering work will be easier than ever.  Contact CRM RUNNER to give our topnotch, customizable application a try.