CRM Technology is a powerful tool that aims to help businesses stay on target in their daily operations, finances, customer contact, and marketing efforts.  However, it is able to go much further with a mobile application.  CRM RUNNER not only offers desktop and browser-supported software, but it is also fully accessible on a mobile device.  That means all the information available to the staff in the office is equally ready for the fieldworker on the road.  With the ability to set user permissions, the mobile device can be particularly helpful for contractors and fieldworkers who need specific tools, widgets, and modules at their disposal.  Even GPS capability and push notifications mean a smoother workday for employees as well as a more positive overall experience for your customers.

The mobile application of CRM RUNNER offers all the same tools available on a computer.  These tools in particular are invaluable to the employee using the software on-the-go.

CRM RUNNER provides GPS tracking for employees so business leaders know where their employees and equipment are at any given moment.  This provides more security for your business.  Expenses for mileage will be accurate and service routes will be optimally planned.  Using GPS, businesses can also send text (SMS) updates to employees and customers to keep the day’s work moving smoothly.  Customers can receive notification that their service provider is on their way, and employees can receive end of work day notifications as well.

Document storage is especially useful for the fieldworker equipped with CRM RUNNER.  All of the necessary documents such as schematics, reports, estimates, invoices, and service plans are available to view by accessing them through CRM RUNNER.  Changes can also be made, providing real time updates to the whole team.  Electronic documents can be sent to the customer through the mobile application so he stays privy to updates as they occur.

Employees can collect payments through the mobile application and a receipt can automatically be generated and sent to the customer.  Likewise, a chat feature within the application means that the same fieldworkers can send this work to the home office for completion as well.  The flexibility ensures that work is completed accurately and promptly, providing more accountability.

As the world becomes even more fast-paced, CRM technology needs to keep up.  CRM RUNNER meets that challenge with its mobile application which brings the office out on the road.  More efficiency will lead to happier customers, more referrals, and a stronger business.

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