For excavation contractors, getting new business and attracting customers is not as easy as it once was due to stiff competition. Today’s business environment has become more complex and competitive, requiring excavation contractors to increase their focus on customer retention and relationships to sustain repeat business. This major shift in paradigm has made customer relationship management (CRM) software a major artery of any excavation business.

A CRM is all about helping a company manage its relationships with its customers and beyond as the name implies. In addition to tracking current customers throughout their life cycle, your CRM software houses all the contact information you need about prospective customers.

Below are the benefits of using CRM Software for Excavation contractors:

  1. Tracking time keeping

You’re dealing with a lot of moving pieces as an excavation contractor. On your plate, you have a lot of project bids, inbound and outbound leads, marketing campaigns, and follow-up sales operations. How do you manage all that? You have to rethink it if you rely on outdated Excel spreadsheets to manage all of this. With Excavation contractors CRM Software in place, all of these projects and jobs are tracked and managed without any hassle. CRM assists you in keeping a track of all of your project bids and follow-ups, so your sales representatives don’t have to stress about lost activities or forgetting to stay in touch with a customer or prospect. CRM also helps to monitor your marketing tactics with accurate data of potential clients, for example, your targeted email campaigns.

  1. Process Streamlining

The basic objective of the Best CRM software for field technicians is to streamline all major customer engagement areas, such as scheduling appointments, management of contacts, handling of customer service, and monitoring of marketing campaigns. Excavation contractors’ CRM software comes with dashboards, analytics and reporting tools to provide companies with comprehensive information about all operations. In order to identify trends and patterns in their customer engagement, small-scale contractors can use the data and adopt plans for better efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  1. Enhanced Visibility

Visibility is crucial in sales. How do you grow your business actively, steadily and without too many ups and downs, without a good representation of the company’s pipeline? CRM Software provides visibility into your entire sales cycle, including what your sales representatives are currently exploring, where your prospects are within the cycle, how many clients your sales representatives work with and what your forecast will look like in the near future. It is extremely challenging and time consuming to develop that insight and visualisation without a CRM Software. With one, it’s done in minutes and is as precise as you enter the data.

  1. Increased Management Efficiency

How do you know if your sales team is productive, efficient and timely following up with their prospects and customers? It’s time to consider CRM if you don’t have a software solution in place at the moment to help keep the team in check and monitor for progress. With this tool, you are given management capabilities, such as the ability to keep track of your inbound and outbound leads, how effective your sales and customer service representatives are, as well as the ability to assign your team responsibilities and tasks.


Excavation contractors can wow their customers with more than just their exceptional work with the right CRM tool. And in a competitively crowded marketplace, that can make a contractor stand out.