Chiropractors help patients find relief from pain and discomfort stemming from problems with the spine and back.  Advanced medical studies inform the chiropractic practice, and patients know that this form of pain relief can be quite effective in reducing problems relating to the back and spine.  Although the benefits of visiting a chiropractor are clear, obtaining a strong position in a local market can be tough.  CRM software for Chiropractors helps offices remain competitive.  Here are three ways to use CRM databases to increase exposure to chiropractic businesses.

  1. Hold Events where People Can See You and Your Team
    Many chiropractors find success in public relations efforts that put their office and staff directly in contact with the general public.  Setting up tables and displays at community events, school events, grocery stores, and fitness centers can give an office a competitive advantage.  Potential customers who may have been thinking about using a chiropractor can ask questions, and the office can maintain a list of interested parties.  Keep a list of email addresses, phone numbers, and names, and enter this information into the software after the event.  Then, create a timeline of contacting these leads to schedule consultations and appointments.  CRM Software offers a variety of ways to stay in contact with leads.  Options include bulk email and text (SMS) messages.  Sending invitations to schedule appointments, promotional information, or educational content, may be the ticket to scheduling that first consultation.  If the chiropractic office has a sales or administrative team, follow-up by phone call can be assigned.  This task can be assigned within CRM software that feature task delegation and to-do lists.
  2. Set up an Attractive Landing Page
    Great CRM software for chiropractors offers tools to create landing pages via a template.  These templates include business information such as location, contact information, and logos.  When the public visits the website, they will be prompted to share basic contact information to get more information or to schedule a consultation.  Either way, the website works with the CRM Software to import the information into contact lists, sales funnel tracking applications, and schedule makers.  Automating this process saves time and money for the chiropractor who can focus on his patients’ care as opposed to marketing efforts.  Most chiropractors got into the business to help patients find relief, and CRM applications allow them to stay focused on just that.
  3. Follow-up With Current Patients
    For a variety of reasons, once loyal customers stop coming to their appointments.  Perhaps they are busy, feeling better, or just forgot.  They live busy lives, and it is easy to forget appointments or to downgrade their priority.  Yet, chiropractors know this is a dangerous game.  Delaying or foregoing treatment can make matters worse in a short time.  Assigning the administrative team to follow-up with patients gives consistent, friendly reminders not to fall behind on the treatment plan.  This leads to increased bookings and healthier patients, a win-win situation. CRM software allows for one-click calling and bulk messaging by email and text (SMS) messages, offering a tool to remind patients of their upcoming or missed appointments.

Chiropractors know the importance of staying current on treatment plans to overcome body pain.  And for those who are hesitant to take the first step, good chiropractors can make the process of getting started painless and easy, especially if they capitalize on the tools provided by CRM database tools like CRM RUNNER.  Click here to try out our CRM software today.