The benefits of acupuncture are well-known to those who currently obtain this unique treatment but it is less so understood by the broader public.  Acupuncture reduces stress and pain.   Others have noted its ability to reduce eye strain and headaches.  It has also been known to increase energy and give the immune system a boost.  With so many benefits, this practice has been getting more and more attention.  Yet, there is some mystery around this treatment and that lack of knowledge prohibits interested parties from taking action in contacting an acupuncturist for that critical first appointment.  For those who do have a preferred place to visit for acupuncture, they often need reminders to keep up with their appointments.  For either case, CRM Software for acupuncture businesses and acupuncturists provides powerful tools to keep in communication with potential and current clients.

Lead Generation Made Easy

Perhaps the general public roughly understands the benefits of acupuncture.  However, many people still consider this form of treatment too new age, unproven, or ineffective.  It falls on the acupuncturists to educate the public so that they can generate more leads:  CRM software for acupuncturists simplifies this daunting task.  CRM databases connect with websites and social media to create a list of interested customers: those on the cusp of making an appointment or who need just a bit more information before booking.  The software keeps a running list of these customers so that acupuncturists can send educational information or reach out for direct follow-up.  Quality CRM software also shows these contacts via a sales funnel tool.  This tool sorts clients by level of interest so that the company can modify their approach in reaching out to potential clients.  For example, the skeptical lead may need education and convincing.  Those who love acupuncture already but are shopping around for a new provider may need a different type of approach before deciding to give your firm a go.  CRM applications offers the necessary tools to vary the approach for various market segments.

Stay In Contact with Clients

Perhaps the acupuncture business already has a solid list of clients.  In this case, one of the most important tasks is to stay relevant in their lives through consistent communication.  How often should your clients be booking appointments?  Daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed?  Appointment setting is made easier with CRM software for acupuncturists.  Those responsible for booking appointments have a variety of tools, using CRM applications, to schedule clients for their next appointment.  For example, a calendar widget shows the daily schedule of appointments.  Customer notes can be added to client profiles to customize their experiences.  Sending bulk messages by email or SMS (text message) is easier thanks to saved distribution lists.  If offices reach out to their customers by phone, they can install VoIP technology to contact customers by phone with one click.

Acupuncturists promote health and wellness in a way that is supposed to be low stress.  This highly effective therapy has helped many people overcome physical and mental challenges in their lives.  Yet, the public largely does not understand all the benefits of acupuncture.  Those curious and those who know are ready to book appointments, though.  With the support of CRM technology for acupuncture professionals, consumers can more easily find a provider and book their next appointment.  If you know acupuncture, then you need to know CRM technology.  To try CRM RUNNER, contact us today.