When we hear that people need a software to manage their technicians, we respond that we already have a wonderful software that does just that: Technician Management CRM Software.

Technician management can be a nightmare if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal.  You need Technician Management CRM Software to make it work.  This software offers three distinct tools that will help you manage technicians with ease:  payroll, GPS, and work orders.

Technician Management CRM Software makes payroll a breeze.

Not many people like doing payroll.  There is the difficult task of collecting all the timecards from multiple sites.  You have to tabulate the hours to make sure the employees have done it correctly.  Newsflash:  most employees on timecards don’t do their hours correctly if they are younger or bad at math.  Have all the timecards been signed (in the right places)?  If not, that’s another headache.  You have to get the signature and you have to do a written warning, have a conference, send the signed warning to HR and maybe a Union Representative.  For what?  A signature?

Then, you get to put the hours into a database system that calculates it for you.  Maybe you have to photocopy all of the timecards for your own records, just in case.  The process is an absolute nightmare.

Then again, you could use Technician Management CRM Software which offers electronic payroll tools.  You can stop the nonsense once and for all!

Technician Management CRM Software has a GPS Tool!

If you need a software to manage your technicians, then CRM Software is right for you.  Technician Management CRM Software offers a slew of GPS tools.  Your team members can log on to the software using a smart phone and have their status tracked in real time.  You can map out routes from the home base (HQ) to the client location and ensure the employee stays on track.  You can even use the tools to calculate mileage, which is great!

Work Orders, Work Orders, Work Orders!

Work orders can be a major pain if you do them on paper.  Having your employees fill out paperwork orders is a hassle.  Can you read their handwriting?  Can you count on accuracy?  Do you pay somebody to sit at a desk and input the manual work orders into a computer all day long?  You’re doing it wrong!

You can use Technician Management CRM Software to manage workorders with a digital system!  It’s a lot easier.


People love CRM Software for its tools such as payroll, GPS, and work order management.

CRM RUNNER offers Technician Management CRM Software.  When you need CRM Software, call CRM RUNNER.  We’ll respond promptly!