Everyone knows that CRM software has integrated with mobile devices. It is done so that the employees and customers can easily access the business data and information anytime, anywhere. The latest technology integrated into the CRM app is the tracking system. It is done for the on-field employees whose working needs to be tracked to make sure that they are not exploiting the organization’s resources. That’s why Mobile Tracking Built-in CRM APP  is prioritized by the SMEs.

The Mobile CRM delivers a full CRM experience on smartphones and other internet-enabled devices too. The main basis for implementing this technology is to reduce human efforts and let the machines do the hard work. The CRM software enables the marketing team, sales team, and customer service teams to access the information and manage it in a real-time environment.

It is no surprise that the field jobs are hectic and require extra efforts. But for a long time, the field agents were simply wasting the business resources without generating effective leads. When the sales reps travel from one prospect location to another, their working also needs to be scheduled and managed. The employees are not tied to their desks and there is no way that someone will be in contact with them 24/7. Hence the GPS tracker system made everything easier. Another scenario which clarifies the need for GPS tracker is to notify the customers when the agents would be arriving at their premises. Not everyone is sitting at home waiting for a repairman, technician, or a bank employee. Thus, they need to know when the agent will be arriving so that they can make the most of their time.

Importance of Mobile CRM:

It is pretty obvious that the employees need Mobile CRM. Some of the CRM software has Field Management Platform Bundled with VOIP to facilitate additional benefits for the employees, customers, and the business too.

The field agents need to access the schedules along with work orders even when they are on the field. The integration with mobile phones has made it super easy for the employees to have freedom and work as well. Having remote access to the data irrespective of the platform issues promotes a collaborative environment.

Beyond the obvious points, mobile CRM gives a flexible environment for the employees to work. The main purpose of the Mobile CRM isn’t just ensuring that the customers get the best service every time. It also gives a real-time update of the employees and prepares them to be fully equipped when they interact with the clients. Even the employees who are not working on the field can take advantage of this feature. They can use CRM for managing schedules, performing data analysis, generating reports, and organizing the important files in a secure location.

Benefits of Mobile CRM:

Whether you are accessing the CRM database using Smartphones or tablets, it can be a useful tool in all conditions. All the classic functionality of a system can be delivered by the software easily. Various benefits of the CRM software are listed below:

Dashboard with one-click access to the features

Plan Room

To Do list

Integration with Social media apps

Lead Generation

Real-Time Tracking with GPS Tracker

Transaction Handling

Chat and SMS portal

E-documents availability

Anytime access to the database

There are various other benefits too with the CRM RUNNER. It is not just a Mobile Tracking Built-in CRM APP, it is an extensive all-in-one business management tool. Not even a single entity in the business cycle is left out from the benefits. The best CRM software is always equipped with extensive security features such as multi-factor authentication and VPN requirements. Luckily, CRM RUNNER has all these features inbuilt which make it most extensive management software for all kinds of business.

CRM RUNNER GPS Tracking Feature:

As we all know, CRM RUNNER is undoubtedly the best-in-class software for business especially for the management of on-field work. It is feature rich software that has collaborative functions for work schedule. But the main advantage of the software is obviously the real-time tracking of the employees. With CRM RUNNER, you get the following benefits for tracking:

Have an overview of the location of the staff and customers on a satellite

Know the current location of the team and their driving routes.

View site images and get accurate location up to 10 meters.

On my Way feature to tell the clients that the technical team is arriving on the premises.

As you can see, the CRM RUNNER software has made pinpointing the location of the staff and customers easier than ever. And the best thing is that the software features aren’t limited to tracking and tracing. Along with GPS tracker, the Field Management Platform Bundled with VOIP also has its own line of benefits.

Real-Time Calling: Every interaction with the customers offers valuable insight into the business. For a successful leader, the calls can be a great example and for failed leads, it can be a reminder to avoid a few simple mistakes. The VOIP CRM integration takes care of the logging in real time.

Better Customer Experience: The VOIP CRM can anticipate the customer’s needs and direct the agent to their profile to make sure that they serve the client in the best way.

Closed Loop Analytics: This feature makes it possible for the staff to share the data in closed analytics with both the sales and marketing teams.

Increased Efficiency: CRM eliminates the grunt work of looking up client information as the software can bypass the menial work and manipulate the data according to the business needs.

In today’s hyper-information environment, the accessibility feature plays a major role. It can be a setback if not used properly. So, it will be better if you learn to utilize the CRM RUNNER software to make sure that you stay in the competition.


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