Adventure tours are fun!  People who love adventure and travel find everything they are looking for and more when booking an exciting and challenging adventure tour.  These tours aren’t for those who like to sit back and relax.  These adventure tours are for those who value an active lifestyle, for people who aren’t afraid to get wet, dirty, and sweaty while having a little fun.  The physicality and risk-taking involved in adventures tours speaks to the traveler’s soul.

To stay ahead in this exciting and fast-paced industry, adventure tour companies need to stay in contact with customers and leads.  Getting the customer pumped enough to book a tour is half the battle.  Once they’re on the line, you need to coordinate logistics and payment.

Adventure Tours business software, like adventure tour CRM Software, can assist companies in staying in touch with their customers who lead adventure-filled lives.

What is adventure tours CRM Software?

CRM Software, Customer Relationship Management Software, helps businesses connect with customers, organize their time, and stay on top of their finances.  The software can coordinate logistics, safeguard contracts and invoices, and make interoffice communication easier for everybody involved.  Here’s how the software helps many businesses:

  • Finding Leads – Finding clients isn’t easy, especially in the tourism industry. The market can be saturated.  Although every company offers something different, unique, and special, it can be hard to get your product in front of the customers.  Some tour companies depend on walk-up traffic. The lead comes off the plane at the airport and bam, your company is there to offer an exciting adventure tour for ziplining, hiking, sailing, or whatever you do!  However, others will search the internet for tour information before arriving to their destination.  If your website collects lead information using a landing page, the information will appear in your CRM Software.  This means that you can reach out to leads to close the deal.
  • Reaching Out – Getting in contact with customers can be tough. Some prefer email, and others want text messages.  The old school folks at home would prefer a phone call.  CRM Software provides all of these options.  You can send messages (SMS) or emails to target markets using distribution lists.  Your sales staff can call leads if you enable VoIP (Voice over internet protocol).  When your customers feel attached to your service, they are more likely to take advantage of the tour later on.
  • Collecting on Invoices – Money! Money! Money! Few tour operators will admit it, but they’re business is more than just a recreation or tourist service.  They have to profit.  To profit, you need to collect payment in a timely and organized way.   CRM Software uses templates to rapidly generate estimates, contracts, and invoices.  All of the documentation is stored within the software.  The invoices can be sent by email and paid online.  The software interacts with your accounting program thanks to full software integration.  That’s handy!

To learn more about the benefits of adventure tour CRM Software, contact CRM RUNNER today.