Running a security business can be quite rewarding, offering peace of mind to your customers who want to protect their assets and their families.  Yet, between sales pitches, expenses, installation specifications, and customer service, it can be a lot to keep up with.  Enter CRM technology.  This technology creates a database that manages all the important facets of your security business so that it runs with more efficiency, saving time and money.  CRM RUNNER, the best CRM solution for security businesses, not only furnishes invoices, but also works as a dispatch center, electronic document system, and a marketing tool.

When customers begin researching security solutions, they will come to your website after a quick visit to their preferred search engine.  CRM RUNNER allows businesses to build professional landing pages that can maintain a contact list of those who visit your website for later follow-up. As customers “shop around,” it is important that you employ a software that allows you to collect this vital contact information to be able to reach customers so that they will understand why your offering is the best solution for their needs.  Once contact information is obtained, your sales team can reach out to potential customers directly, with one-click phone dialing thanks to VoIP phone integration.  Team members can take notes on calls and save them to the client’s profile for easy reference in the future.  Security system installation offers a wide array of services, so it is important to really listen to the customer’s needs before making a proposal.  Whereas some may want only a keypad at their entrance, others may want all the bells and whistles when it comes to surveillance, like 24/7 video recording.  Every case is different, and under or overselling may cause the sale to fall through.  CRM RUNNER helps you ensure your sales team knows what is available for your customers.

CRM RUNNER helps your business stay in contact with customers.  Some customers are indecisive, so consistent promotional efforts by email and by text (SMS) encourage the customer to understand your business’ security solutions.  Using CRM RUNNER, you can maintain distribution lists and send messages in bulk.  This is a useful tool for advertising special discounts or for upselling to clients.  Even as new technology hits the market, you want your past customers to be the first to know when these solutions are available.  CRM RUNNER offers rich text formatting and document attachment so that you can include all the pertinent details with your message.

In serving the community with security products, it is important to meet the customer’s expectations and needs.  CRM RUNNER allows business leaders to maintain contact with their clients and help them find the solutions that will make them feel safe and secure in their own home or business.

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