Window washing is needed throughout many cities, and the industry is competitive.  A way for window washing businesses to stay ahead of the competition is to use CRM Databases to maintain relationships with leads and customers.  To make the most out of CRM software for Window Washing Businesses, business owners should consider integrating the application with VoIP technology.

VoIP is especially practical if a company uses CRM technology.  Connectivity to software allows for one-click dialing and recorded calls.  This is very important for those in sales and customer service.  As communication between employees and clients improves, so does the company bottom line.

What is a VoIP system?

In the past, phone calls were always routed through a phone company’s network, connecting traditional analog phones on either end.  In the very beginning of phone services, operators manually connected lines.  Over the years, technology advanced to connect lines automatically.  As more and more people joined the telephone network, phone numbers got longer, but connectivity improved.  In the 90s, with the advent of the internet, engineers started designing systems that used digital lines instead of the traditional analog lines of the past.  Most people know this technology as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

This new telephone system has been widely implemented by window washing businesses around the world.  Companies were once afraid of replacing new equipment and software, some of which had been of practical use for decades.  However, the investment is now well worth it today.

Many phone companies charge businesses per line and each installation requires a visit from the phone company.  Phones used to be limited to the number of lines, reducing connectivity in the office.  People shared phone lines and features were only available if companies paid.  Making the change to VoIP technology puts much of this back in the hands of the business and its IT department.  Adding new phones is as easy as plugging them into the internet portal.  Often, businesses find that the initial investment in transitioning from traditional phone lines to internet connected technology is worth it.

In terms of CRM solutions for window washing companies, the integration of VoIP with the database helps bring in more customers and maintain the relationships with current ones.  Getting in touch with customers and leads happens in one click, so the sales team operates more efficiently.  Many CRM applications have the capability for the staff to keep notes on the client’s profile.  Staff can also review past orders, open and paid invoices, and client contact information.  For leads, a sales funnel tool organizes potential clients by their current level of interest in the company.

Window washing is a unique industry, but one we need to keep skyscrapers and houses’ windows spotless.  Cleaning windows, especially those on tall buildings is a challenge, so we depend on the professionals to get the job done.  For these companies to acquire more customers, and maintain their current ones, they should be using CRM software to manage their customer and sales relationships.

If you own or manage a window washing company and you are ready to learn more about CRM technology, contact CRM RUNNER today for more information about obtaining a trial version.