Satellites surrounding the earth are constantly observing our locations and picking the geographic location of objects and people. It also means that you can identify the geo-location of your sales team professionals. All you need to do is to equip your sales professionals with a mobile app of CRM Runner that lets you do so.

As a result, you can easily keep track of where each sales team member is, gain real-time sales data, manage client meetings efficiently, manage travel expenses and reimbursement accurately, save time on manual check-ins, and improve sales team productivity, among others.

You can benefit immensely from the GPS Tracking Solution integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Both you and your sales team enjoy several benefits.

Benefit#1: Gain Real-time Sales Data

GPS Tracking integration with your CRM System can help you track which leads and clients your team is connecting with, which follow-ups are occurring, and which sales are closing. You can get a bird’s eye view of your on-field representatives.

Benefit#2: Manage Client Communication & Meetings Efficiently 

If you get a lead in your CRM or a new client reaches out to you, you can respond to the call quickly. You know the whereabouts of each team member in your sales team, and can assign the lead information and manage client meetings efficiently. From the GPS tracking solution integrated with CRM System, you can retrieve all information regarding which team member is headed back to the office, finishing up a meeting, or on a break so you can assign the phone call to the person who can most quickly follow up. It will streamline the client meeting management process.

Benefit#3: Improve Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Business profitability is directly dependent on the sales team’s productivity. You can enable them to achieve maximum productivity with GPS tracking data that integrates with your CRM Platform.

In order to gain real-time sales data, manage client meetings efficiently, manage travel expenses and reimbursement accurately, and improve your sales team’s productivity, use a CRM that allows for GPS Tracking integration.

Try CRM Runner. CRM Runner uses GPS Tracking to give you a real-time movement map of every single sales representative deployed on the field, and automatically connect to your projects and work orders for instantaneous verification of job hours.

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