Burr… it’s cold in here.  There must be some CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians in the atmosphere!

Do you know anybody that’s really cool?  Like ice cold? Frosty, even?  If you didn’t mention a refrigeration technician, then boy, you have got another thing coming!

Refrigeration is important to us today.  Many of us use a refrigerator every day.  How else are we going to keep our turkey sandwiches, yogurt, hummus, and milk at a safe temperature?  Think about the schools, restaurants, hospitals, and hotels that need to keep large amounts of food product cool.  In medical settings, they may have a need to keep biological samples like blood at the appropriate temperature, too.  What happens when the fridge doesn’t keep the temperature the way it is designed?  The milk spoils.  The meat goes bad.  The blood (at the hospital) could becomes unusable.  It’s safe to say that refrigeration is more than a modern luxury, it is practically a necessity.

Nobody knows this better than refrigeration professionals.  To make sure they are able to do their best work, they rely on a variety of tools and materials.  From screwdrivers and wrenches to freon and ice cube trays, there are a lot of moving peoples that go into refrigerator repair.  One tool people often don’t consider is the software such professionals use to manage it all.  This software is known as CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians.

  • GPS tools helps them find their clients. When the client is on the line, waiting for repair, they do not want to get a phone call that the repair man is lost.  Time is of the essence, people!  When the technician relies on CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians, they have a map in their pocket (on a smart device).  Mileage can be calculated too.
  • While these professionals are on the road, they may need to phone the head office. Better yet, they can chat internally using CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians.
  • What about payment? When the job is said and done, the awkward part comes – talking about money.  In the good old days, people were handed an invoice on yellow carbon copy paper.  Today, why not email the invoice?  Why not collect payment on the spot using CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians.  Yes, even for credit card payments!
  • A healthy business is one with organized financial reporting. If you use CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians, you will find just that thanks to full payment integration capabilities.  If you’re already using an accounting software, look for a CRM solution that easily attaches to it.  Not to mention, many CRM Software packages offer beautiful financial report templates to make running a business easier than ever before.
  • Referrals are a big part of doing business these days. To make this easier, look for a CRM Solution that tracks them.  You need to know what efforts are driving business to your company.  Is it word of mouth?  Is it your mom who already tells the neighbors to call you?  Is it a social media advertising campaign?  Savvy refrigeration professionals know how to keep the market moving.

Today, refrigeration professionals are looking for one thing:  CRM Software for Refrigeration Technicians.  To stay ahead, call CRM RUNNER.  We offer a free trial so you can get to know the software better.