The exciting world of Information Technology calls on professionals who know computers and the best way to use networks and data. IT professionals understand the inner-workings of network security and provide the connectivity businesses need to keep their organization running smoothly.  Today, IT Systems Consultants are turning to CRM technology more and more.  This powerful technological advancement brings together a series of tasks in one central location.  While it is possible to create invoices in word processors and keep track of client contact information and budgets in excel sheets, there is really nothing that beats the convenience of having these tools accessible all in one place, in the office and on the road.

CRM software for IT  Consultants 

Electronic Document Storage:  Schematics, licenses, contracts, and other important documents can be saved to the CRM application for easy access.  The information can be connected to a project, client, or contractor.  Because the document storage is web-based, it can be accessed wherever you have access to the internet, even on a mobile device.  Contracts can be signed electronically as well.  This is great news for IT professionals working to secure a signed contract before beginning a project.  Look for a CRM Software that offers a plan room so that various parties can work on projects and documents together.

Estimates, invoices, and payment collection: IT Systems Consultants use CRM applications to track their customers and finances.  For example, estimates are created using templates featuring your company logo – you can include both product such as modems, routers, or other tools as well as expenses based on time, great for installation, consultation, and travel.  Estimates are easily converted into invoices.  Once invoices are sent, customers can pay invoices easily thanks to the full integration of your finance software into the CRM database.

GPS Features:  Clients in search of IT Consultants could find themselves anywhere on the globe.  IT systems professionals need to keep track of the physical location of their clients both for logistics and for their line of work.  A built-in GPS feature shows the location of your clients, staff, and equipment.  This handy tool saves time and energy while keeping you up to speed on where everybody and everything is.

Lead Collection:  Make collecting leads easier.  CRM Software, like CRM RUNNER, lets users create landing pages based on templates within the software.  This tool lets visitors build a professional-looking website.  When on the website, they can list their contact information when the website prompts them to do so.  Often, IT systems consultants offer price quotations, free consultations, or other draws to get contact information.  Once the user enters his information, it is automatically imported into the CRM software for your sales efforts.

IT Systems Consultants who use CRM Software comment on how efficiently they can run their business.  With mobile applications, the software goes wherever they work.  Interested in learning more?  Schedule a 14 days Free trial today!