In the field of children’s party planning, a saturated market means planners need to compete with others offering similar services.  In the industry, this means building a successful sales plan to appeal to families while they are still planning children’s birthday parties.  Every birthday is special for children, so it is important to really make them count.  This is particularly true when families have the resources to hire a planner for an event that nobody will be soon to forget.  To stay on top, children’s party planners need CRM Software to stay connected with past, current, and future clients.

Today’s CRM applications allow party planners to obtain more clients by taking advantage of a sales funnel.  This well-utilized tool pertains to placing customers in categories as they move through the sales pipeline from prospective customer to repeat buyer.  Although many industry experts create several steps in this process, a two-step method can really help birthday party planners who need CRM software.

  1. Build a List of Possible Customers

People often begin searching for birthday party planners for the children months in advance.  Others wait until the last minute.  Either way, birthday party planner CRM software systems help planners remain prepared.

  • By using social media, children’s birthday party planners can build a database of interested clients. In social media groups, people often request information for unique services such as children’s birthday party planning.  Every time a person expresses interest, he can be added to the database.
  • CRM software for children’s birthday party planners can maintain a list of interested customers who visit the business’s landing page. Whenever someone requests additional information or follow-up, their name and contact information are added to the list.

CRM software for children’s birthday party event planners will help guide the customer through the sales funnel.

  1. Engaging with Prospective Customers

One of the most important steps is to find out the date of the party that is to be planned.

  • Keep a list of children who have had birthday parties as well as those who may have birthday parties. Organize it by calendar.  Review your client records.  If most families book you six months before the birthday, you know this the best time to remind customers of your services.
  • Offer discounts for friends and family referrals. Word of mouth is a great way to gain exposure for a children’s birthday party planning business.  CRM software can track referral sources.

Children’s birthday parties are special moments, and the planners that make them happen hold a unique place in the hearts of parents’ everywhere.  Don’t fall behind the competition; contact CRM RUNNER to learn more about CRM Software for Children’s Birthday Party Planners today.