How do you ensure you have maximum conversion rate out of your marketing campaign? How do you ensure your landing page will actually work? These are some tough questions which every marketer has to go through before starting any campaign. There is no single answer to these questions, however, there are few proven tactics which can make your campaigns worthwhile. Let’s go through them one at a time.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of testimonials

Instead of selling your products yourself, make your happy customers do it for you. 95% of people go through multiple reviews before making a purchase. Now you say I already have a testimonials page on my website, why put on landing page again? Well, a possible customer will not go all the way to your testimonial page to read the reviews. Why not make it easier for him to see them right where he is going to take the decision? It will boost the chances of converting the visitor into a customer.

  1. Less content more visuals

With the advent of apps like Snapchat, Instagram, people are now more interested in pictures and videos than in content. They help users to make up their mind or whether or not to stick around. Using high quality images and videos makes it more appealing for visitors to stay longer on the page. Use real images rather than stock images if possible.

  1. Not more than one call-to-action preferable

People today are very busy and stressed. You should ensure not to waste their time and stick to just one desired action. Whether it be a sign up campaign or a new product launch discount,  limit their choice to just that action. Carousel sliders are with a CTA on each page is not a good idea. It will confuse the visitors and and there is a high possibility the visitor will live the page without taking any action.

  1. Limit Scrolling

There is no ideal scrolling length for every page. Some pages work well with long pages however it can backfire for some. Make sure you understand the message you want to convey and what length would be enough to communicate the message.

  1. Do not overdo with the forms

A lengthy form is a demotivating one. People want things nice and easy. Keep the forms to the required minimum. Asking unnecessary details might drive the visitor away. You can combine some fields wherever possible.

  1. Directional cues are helpful

Adding simple visual cues like arrows to direct the visitor to the desired action has proven to increase conversion rates. Add a message which will help the visitor understand what he will get by taking the action. Some pages can use real people to draw attention.

  1. Make an Irresistible Offer

This is one of the most important factors which dictates the conversion rates. You can do everything right and it can yet go wrong if the offer itself is not compelling. The price is on the top of the list of all elements which make an excellent offer.

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