Streamline job order via ticket system!

RM Runner's job management area allows users to comply with all industry-recognized processes as well as other relevant workforce management compliance protocols while enabling clear, targeted job management from initial contact through qualification, evaluation, job completion, and payment. These principles apply across the different types of projects and industries

How can CRM Runner help you manage jobs via the ticket system?
  • Create new field jobs for employees with ease.
  • Assigning tickets to job orders for projects based on priority to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Create a title for each job and assign specific clients, as well as the full address of the job site that can be viewed via map.
  • Write full descriptions and requirements for each job detailing what must be accomplished
  • Fully detail time frames by adding specific start/end dates and times
  • Keep track of all financial details of each job by adding billing types, costs, and trip charges
  • Select the service that will be provided as well as assigning a specific employee
  • Attach invoices, select specific plans, and set specific dates for notifying clients