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10 May

SMS integrated CRM software can boost customer engagement. Here’s how!

In the age of WhatsApp and Telegram, we often thing of text messaging as an old and retired feature. Although people have limited the use...

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6 May

CRM reporting : Top 5 reports to look for in any CRM software

How do you measure which campaign performed exceptionally and which campaign failed? How do you know which accounts are the most revenue generating? How do...

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5 May

Five Email Marketing blunders which can cost you your business

Ignoring the Welcome email You have a stunning website with an email subscription and people are signing up to know more about your offering. It...

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4 May

Do small businesses require CRM system for their business?

Yes, CRM software has great importance for all businesses, regardless of its size or years of operation on the market. This makes CRM one of...

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2 May

Build a perfect landing page to boost conversion rates, Know How!

How do you ensure you have maximum conversion rate out of your marketing campaign? How do you ensure your landing page will actually work? These...

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1 May

5 tips which will make your sales funnel work miraculously

Sales funnel is a term frequently spoken in marketing jargon, but what is it exactly? And is your business succeeding in creating and identifying your...

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27 Apr

Why Does Your Business Need a CRM?

If you are not using a CRM, you are missing so many opportunities. CRM is business software that helps individuals and teams maximize their customer...

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25 Apr

Landing Page Integration with CRM Software to Convert More Visitors into Leads

The role of a landing page is to generate leads or make sales. That’s why it’s vital that you build a landing page with software...

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23 Apr

How CRM Runner can help in Warehouse Management?

One of the most dangerous consequences of poor warehouse management is a loss of productivity. Many businesses are implementing CRM Software that is tailored to...

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21 Apr

How A CRM Runner can be advantageous for your Construction Business?

CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management, and it is frequently used to describe a sales and marketing system or software. Because the construction industry is...

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19 Apr

How CRM Runner Helps in Team Collaboration?

Team collaboration brings the collective talent of your company together and is seen as a boon to every business. Now when it is so important...

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13 Apr

Advantages of Integrating CRM and Email Marketing

When CRM assists email marketing campaigns, you can nurture better relationships through targeted emails. Your email marketing campaigns can become more efficient in audience segmentation,...

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