As you might imagine, improving customer relationships is one of the major factors to consider when considering customer relationship management software.

CRM software can positively impact a lot more than just customer communications, as office managers and business owners of electrical companies understand. All employees can benefit from CRM software, from field techs to dispatchers. This results in more revenue and more jobs.

The challenge is finding a CRM that can truly optimize workflow and not just function as a business tool.

Despite their merits, many CRMs are inaccessible to field technicians, do not sync with answering services, and have an old and clunky interface. Additionally, electrical contractors can choose between at least a dozen different CRM programs.

However, hiccups may occur when office staff are trying to learn the ins and outs of each electrical CRM option, as well as adjusting to each one.

CRM software simplifies paperwork for electrical contractors. The software keeps track of your paperwork.  Keeping project plans organized takes up a lot of space.  You can send electronic signature contracts out by using templates.

CRM for electrical contractors can revolutionize their business. Increased efficiency, higher power, more customers!  Paperclips and carbon copies may seem like the best way to run an electrical business in the old days, but that simply isn’t effective.  As long as we plan on keeping things both powered and safe, we must be at our best.


CRM RUNNER gives you access to the power of CRM Software.  Get a free trial of CRM Software for Electrical Contractors to see what you can do.