Customer information has become important in today’s world. Business enterprises try to get the best out of what they already have. Building a healthy relationship with customers is important because customers are what they thrive upon. As a result, data should be organized. There are different types of CRM software that will suffice your need.  In this digital world, data should be kept safe. Privacy becomes a concern for many enterprises. Investment in good CRM software will give you meaningful results. Never compromise on your customers!

Various Types of CRM Software

Apart from specific types of CRM software, you can make customized CRM software which is creating your own CRM software according to your needs. In general, there are five types of CRM software

Operational CRM – This is for the marketing, sales, and customer service departments. It guides them to provide better service for loyal customers. Many other departments can work collectively to search and close deals effectively.

Analytical CRM – This understands the needs of customers like their preferences, interests, and more. You can include these data into making new strategies and plans following the market trends.

Collaborative CRM – This helps various teams in your organization to collectively share information and work accordingly. It focuses on providing better customer service. It is sharing information between marketing, sales, and support teams. As these teams work independently, without proper CRM software, efficiency reduces.

Campaign Management CRM – They combine customer data and run various campaigns to attract more customers. You can send invites through emails to your customer base and leads.

Strategic CRM – This type of CRM focuses on collecting information about customers, interacting with them, and building relationships with them. You want to hold fast to your existing clients. This is useful if you plan to run a long-term business rather than a one-time sales campaign.


Ask yourself if you need to focus on sales or need to provide better customer service or you want various departments of your organization to collaborate. You can also choose custom CRM if none of these suit your requirement.