Field Service Management, a subset of GPS tracking CRM software, is designed to monitor and evaluate different aspects of field operations.  A company’s ability to effectively utilize its sales teams is heavily dependent on the management of time and transit costs.

Communication and tracking of different teams of sales executives are imperative to achieving scalable growth in a short period of time. Your sales team’s location can be pinpointed with a GPS tracking CRM.

You can track team members, contractors, and clients in real-time by utilizing GPS tracking in conjunction with a CRM platform. It provides you with a detailed picture of the operations of your sales teams and can help you plan routes taken by your sales executives. Companies working across multiple regions and on multiple projects will find GPS tracking CRM Software particularly useful.

01: Manage multiple sales teams

Effectively plan the activities of a sophisticated network of sales executives. Allocation of daily plans using a route map and street view can be done through GPS tracking CRM. View automatically generated adherence reports on the allocated plans.

CRM-GPS mobile integration will give precise reports regarding every facet of the executive’s activity ranging from the amount of time with the client, transit time, and interim stops.

The GPS CRM platform enables your complete engagement with the sales team according to the client activity. This ensures the creation of an optimum workflow.

02: Examine the progress of the sales

The GPS CRM software gives the real-time location and you can get an understanding of the daily sales activities with the click of a button. Keep yourself in the loop of the sale activities in real-time and make strategic decisions to improve sales.

03: Utilize location-based intelligence to take action

By tagging client meetings with GPS coordinates, potential sales targets can be assigned dynamically. After long meetings with clients, GPS tracking CRM Software makes it easy to shift the workforce.

04: Verify and assess the transit expenses

Two factors influence the management of outdoor sales teams: transit distance and time involved. With GPS CRM, you can record, track, and recreate transit paths and time spent in real-time. A sales executive’s daily performance can be accurately measured based on various parameters.

05: Controlling and structuring transit plans

The transit of the sales team is affected by several factors, such as commute path, distance traveled, and traffic density. The most suitable plan for transit can then be drawn based on these evaluations.

06: Remind meetings automatically by allocating reminders

The GPS CRM software continuously informs the manager about the sakes’ activity by reminding him of upcoming meetings. By integrating GPS tracking CRM Software, you can set precise reminders that keep you up-to-date on every sales activity in a specific region.

How to choose the best location tracking system?

Check out if the integration between the dashboard and the mobile GPS CRM is seamless. Also, see the CRM dashboards will reflect your sales executives’ attendance when they use the GPS check-in feature. You should be able to locate the leads using GPS services within a specified region for scheduling meetings with the clients.

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