The Best CRM Software for the Service Industry in 2019

CRM software for service industry business owners must meet some unique needs.  Businesses that are based on providing services to customers are faced with special challenges.  Often these business are operated by multiple employees that spend their day in the field moving from location to location.  The revolving door of inventory and jobs makes the work of the manager in service based business time consuming and disorganized.

In service based businesses, it’s hard to track where employees are and when they will be at their next appointment.  Since most companies that operate in the service industry rely largely on field staff and technicians, being unable to hold them accountable for their day is has long been a top complaint for business owners.

Tracking employees isn’t the only moving target many managers need to hit.  In most service-based business, inventory is also spread out and hard to pin down.  When technicians load up their vans and head out to complete service calls, many managers are left in the dark about which van is carrying the inventory or how much is on it. As one of the most costly issues owners face, excess and unused inventory is just money hiding in the back of a technicians van.Best CRM Software 2019

How does a CRM software for the service industry benefit businesses?

A specially designed CRM Software for the service industry is essential to managing day to day operations.  Many service based businesses have multiple types of software and programs that monitor time, progress and invoicing.  Yet another platform monitors inventory and most often there’s an additional program that houses customer information and work orders.  Time lost to navigating through these systems and the hidden costs of not being able to review them all everyday can contribute to low employee morale, less than ideal customer experience and lost profits.

The largest benefit to a CRM software designed for the service industry is that it has the capability to handle all of those functions in one central location.  With an effective CRM system, managers can log on to one platform and have access to progress reports, location of employees and inventory all at once.  Online CRM systems for service based businesses should also incorporate invoicing and timekeeping to maximize the benefits for business owners and managers.

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Which features are essential for a CRM software for the Service Industry?

 A CRM system that works well for the service industry must do more than track sales leads and communications with customers.  While those features are great for managing part of the business, they do little to manage the operations that occur daily.  CRM software for service industry professionals must contain features that allow for accurate monitoring and updates in every aspect of the business.

Cloud based CRM Applications

Web based CRM platforms enable employees and managers to log on from anywhere they have internet access.  CRM applications that are downloaded to the technicians device help staff to accurately update managers via reporting features.  Cloud based CRM applications keep managers in the loop and employees operating in the field accountable.

GPS tracking

A must have for any business with field staff, this CRM tool is highly recommended for a service based business.  GPS tracking allows managers to know where employees and company vehicles are as well as how long they have been there.  Also used to better estimate time of arrival, this feature helps improve customer service and manager oversight.

Inventory tracking

Service based businesses rarely have all of their inventory in one spot.  Often it isn’t cost effective for technicians to return to the warehouse to return unused items daily.  With a CRM platform tracking inventory, businesses can easily know when they are ordering items they don’t need and which technician has materials on board for a new service call.

 Customizable reports

Managers of businesses in the service industry are well versed in the challenges of managing multiple employees traveling to multiple job sites.  CRM software for service industry businesses ensures that managers receive progress updates in real time from every job site.  With easy to customize reports, a CRM platform can help a manager be able to review the progress of all job sites and all employees more quickly and efficiently.


In the service industry it’s hard to know when a technician is working hard or hardly working.  With a built in timekeeping feature, CRM platforms designed for small businesses make running payroll and knowing who showed up for work as easy as clicking a button.  Timekeeping features allow for employees to clock in and out right from the CRM application on their device while also sending an alert to their manager.


The ability to track jobs and work orders is invaluable to the manager of field staff employees.  The right CRM software will allow customization of the job, assigning of the job and notification to the employee and the customer with just a few clicks.  Tracking jobs inside the same system as inventory not only saves time but also saves money.

Choosing the best CRM software program for a business with field staff

The best CRM software programs of 2019 include features that are ideal for businesses in the service industry.  CRM tools and features that enable tracking of employees and progress are essential for growng any businesses.  Inventory, jobs and reporting that are accessible from anywhere with a web-based CRM is the most effective CRM solution for service based businesses.

CRM software providers with reliable programs offer a free trial

CRM cost is a concern for most businesses.  Investing in a platform for all employees can be a costly endeavor.  While CRM cost is a factor to consider it shouldn’t be the deciding factor when an owners buys a customer relationship software.  The cost of a CRM is minimal compared to what it offers in opportunity.  CRM software providers that stand behind their product should offer a free trial to businesses before asking for payment.  To learn more about how a CRM platform can help your service based business, click here for a free trial of CRM Runner.


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