You can close deals and grow your revenue by effectively showcasing your products or services in the competitive world of business. Do you want to simplify the sales process and present your offerings in a dynamic way? Discover how CRM Runner’s Digital Catalog feature can help you achieve your goals.

  • Sales Presentation Challenges: Traditional methods of presenting products or services can be cumbersome and less engaging.
  • Estimate Creation Hassles: Creating estimates for clients can be time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Organization Complexity: Managing various products or services without a structured system can lead to confusion.
  • Visual Representation: Visual aids can significantly enhance client understanding and decision-making.
  • Payment Collection: Efficiently collecting payments while on the go is a crucial aspect of modern sales.

CRM Runner’s Digital Catalog feature has the following benefits:

Dynamic Digital Catalogs: CRM Runner enables you to create custom digital catalogs that showcase your products and services in an engaging, visual manner.

Effortless Estimate Generation: With a simple click on catalog products, you can instantly generate full estimates, facilitating a smooth sales process.

Categorization: Organize your offerings into categories and subcategories, making it easy for clients to navigate and find what they need.

Visual Appeal: Enhance your catalog entries with images for each product or service, providing a clear and attractive representation.

Package Estimates: Easily create package estimates associated with your products or services, simplifying complex offerings.

Seamless Conversion: Convert all estimates into invoices effortlessly, ensuring that the sales process flows smoothly from start to finish.

On-the-Go Payments: Collect payments wherever you are, ensuring a convenient and efficient transaction process.

By providing a visually compelling and user-friendly way to present offerings, CRM Runner helps businesses sell more products or services.

Are you ready to streamline your business and supercharge your sales efforts? You can boost your revenue, create a seamless sales experience for clients, and sell more effectively with CRM Runner’s Digital Catalog feature today!